On Cellulite, SmartLipo, Anti-Aging, and Weight Loss Treatments

By: Business Local | Posted: 05th July 2010

For people living in Tampa, along with many other Americans, weight loss becomes harder as they get older. Fortunately, today's aesthetic surgery industry comes armed with new and innovative ways to help people lose the weight, become healthier, and feel better about themself.

Cellulite is not just caused by excess fat in the body. Hormone fluctuations and the normal course of aging is also a factor for cellulite formation. As we get older, and as our skin loses its natural luster and elasticity, the fat lobes in our skin begins to swell, eventually pushing out onto the surface, creating the lumps of fat we see on our thighs, back, legs, and buttocks. Now, if your objective is to lose excess fat, rid yourself of cellulite, and get firmer and younger looking skin, then SmartLipo is for you. SmartLipo is available in Tampa and all over Florida.

SmartLipo is a non-invasive type of liposuction where it uses laser technology to liquify fats from the cells in order to make suction easier and less uncomfortable for the patient. Dr. Joel B. Singer, a Stamford plastic surgeon, explained that although he has been treating patients with the traditional type of liposuction for , the arrival of SmartLipo gave his clients better results with less complication, if any at all. He stated in one of his blogs in RealSelf.com that25 years, traditional liposuction sometimes can worsen the appearance of the skin's surface brought about by discoloration and sagging. SmartLipo answers this need for firmer and even-toned skin. It is sort of an integration of weight loss and anti-aging procedures, and lucky for you, this treatment is available is clinics all over Tampa.

Patients only need a local anesthetic when they undergo this liposuction, and they can go back to work after 2 to 3 days of recovery. The procedure itself takes about 30 minutes to an hour, but it does vary on how much fat needs to be extracted. SmartLipo's solution for unsightly cellulite lies in the laser technology it applies while melting away the fat. As Tampa surgeons explained, the heat released by the laser stimulates better blood circulation and collagen production, thus, giving a smoothing and firming effect on the skin. The long term effect of this procedure is also long term. This is because once the fat cells are eliminated it is unlikely to come back again. But, of course, a certain degree of adjustment in diet and lifestyle is recommended for the patient to get maximum benefits. Bad eating habits will bring back the fats in your body, and inactivity will not help speed up your calorie-burning process.

SmartLipo, if done by a professional surgeon in your nearest Tampa clinic, has hardly any risks and has so far kept a good record for safety. But this procedure is not recommended to patients who are severely over weight. Traditional liposuction combined with other weight loss procedures, are required for such cases. Otherwise, anyone can be a candidate for SmartLipo. You can eliminate excess fat and get firmer skin, with hardly any downtime. This procedure is also perfect for the smaller problem areas of our bodies like the chin, back, arms, and legs. Also, getting SmartLipo is not only safer, but is cheaper than traditional liposuction.

The key to keeping the long term benefits of liposuction is up to you. As mentioned, a healthy diet and an active lifestyle are the best means of keeping the weight off. Keep hydrated and you can choose to start a calorie journal. The initiative can only come from you.

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