The Motorola WX180 offers simple functionality and style

By: phones_limited | Posted: 20th April 2010

The Motorola WX180 is a no-nonsense handset that provides a simplistic yet effective and affordable mobile phone. The handset comes with basic functionality within a casing which measures 106 mm x 46 mm wide and 14 mm thick. The handset is a lightweight unit which weighs 65 g.

The handset offers a 1.5 inch display CSTN screen that displays imagery of excellent quality by virtue of its 65,000 colour display capabilities which operates within a pixel screen that is 128 x 128 pixels in size.

The Motorola WX180 offers up to 400 hours of standby time in conjunction with up to 8 hours of talk time, which means less charging is required. The handset provides a variety of useful features which include elements such as a calendar as well as a voice memo function that provides the opportunity for the user to make oral notes whilst on the move whilst the calendar offers the ability to keep track of relevant and pertinent information.

The handset comes with the usual elements such as SMS functionality, allowing the user to text, in addition to the inclusion of an integrated mini USB port, which provides the means to connect the phone to a variety of alternative devices for the purposes of data and file transfer. The handset provides entertainment in the form of a built-in FM radio which has RDS capabilities and offers the opportunity to listen to a wide range of available radio broadcasts from numerous radio stations. The handset also includes several games that are guaranteed to keep its owner amused for hours.

The handset includes an extensive phone book that retains up to 100 contacts, whilst the phones call records function retains information regarding the last 10 dialled, missed and received calls. The phone offers the option of either ring or vibration alerts in addition to the ability of utilising polyphonic ringtones to provide a further opportunity to individualise the handset. The handset also includes hands free communication capability by virtue of the integrated speakerphone.

The WX180 Motorola is an aesthetically pleasing mobile phone that offers simple yet effective means of communication. Its lack of advanced features is one of its key benefits, providing a no-nonsense handset that simply makes and receives phone calls with no fuss, whilst also being eminently affordable.

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