Preparing for the Next Harry Potter

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Harry Potter is one of the biggest cinematic phenomena of all time. With every new instalment, millions of eager fans have flocked to movie theatres to see Harry and co battle evil once, twice, sometimes three and even more times. There's no question that the franchise appeals to a slightly obsessive fanbase - and it's certain that Potter creator J K Rowling has no complaints about this reaction to her arduously-written series.

The next film that's due to hit the big screen is part one of the final tale in the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. There is much speculation as to why the last story has been split into two chapters but many obvious reasons including plain old Hollywood greed. In any case, the chances are that fans will be more than happy to see one half this year and wait another year before the next half is released - after all, it's more Harry Potter, isn't it?

And as has become something of a ritual for Harry Potter fans, before each new movie is seen, so must all of the previous instalments be watched in order - and often as close together as possible. These sessions, known as Harry Potter marathons, involve fans simply watching the collection of movies in preparation for the next part of the story. Often, people make Harry Potter parties out of these and even include fancy dress on their agenda, with Potter themed snacks and games to fully make the night a delight for any wizarding fan.

But, of course, the key event at any of these parties is the watching of the previous Harry Potter movies. This activity has become a rite to the extent that various television companies are recognising the increased Potter interest around the time of a new release and have started showing the films with far more frequency on their channels. There are even options to choose from when it comes to catching up with Harry - channels that show one movie per week, channels that show whichever film you want to watch on demand, channels that show them nightly or even ones that will be enjoyed by the most hardcore fans, showing the full collection of films over the course of a day or weekend.

It's doubtless that Harry Potter fans will find more than enough to keep them entertained on Sky HD - that is, when they're not at the cinema catching the newest release for the tenth time. Enjoy Harry Potter fever this year while it lasts - it's one of the last times this will come around.

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