Plan A Special Tribute To Your Loved One With Aerial Ash Scattering In California

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If you are looking for a memorable and unique way to honor the life of your deceased loved one, consider aerial ash scattering in California. This is a great way to celebrate the life your loved one lived.

The process of scattering cremated remains from the air is aerial ash scattering. It will be a pilot who will take the remains up in the aircraft along with any loved ones that may want to come along for the ride. But you can also stay on the ground and watch from there that is fine too if you want too. The pilot will fly over the place of your choosing and disperse the ashes into the air. Whether it be over the ocean, a lake, the mountains or the desert, an aerial ash scattering pilot will scatter the ashes wherever you desire.

Make sure they are dedicated to providing you with a special, personalized experience when you are looking for an aerial ash scattering pilot or business to spread the ashes. Caring and helpful are the key qualities. They are very well aware of what you are going through and that losing someone is difficult. You feeling great about the experience of aerial ash scattering and that it will be a beautiful, ceremonial tribute to your deceased loved one is what they will make sure of.

It is best left up to someone with experience like an aerial ash scattering company in scattering ashes when you don't know how this works. There are other ways that you can disperse cremated remains are scattering them into the wind, raking them into the ground or dispersing them into the water. Usually, they will need a biodegradable bag or an urn. It will be the company who handled the cremation will help you decide the method you want to carry the ashes. Some people even choose to place some remains into the bag for scattering and the rest placed in an urn that they can keep.

In spreading the cremated remains of your loved one, you may want to consider a place they enjoyed going or hobbies they enjoyed doing. Is that person a fisherman before? Do they love to hike before? Are they into having outdoor sports? A place they found especially peaceful, like a waterfalls may be the perfect place too. A place like that would be a great resting place for the ashes of your loved one. You have to see to it that you get permission first before scattering ashes on private property or in a park. The know the areas that are ok and the areas that are not ok to scatter the remains. And this is one of the many benefits of hiring a pilot to disperse the ashes.

Finding a business that does aerial ash scattering in California, it is necessary to do a web search or ask the business that handled the cremation of the deceased. An appointment with the ash scattering business and talk to them about what they do, where they can fly to and how the process goes is what you need to talk about during this time. With this one, they may allow a certain number of people to ride in the aircraft at the time of the scattering. A place for you to watch from below if you choose to stay on the ground is what they can arrange as well. They should be helpful, accommodating and considerate in this difficult, yet important moment.
For more information about aerial ash scattering in California, contact They are there to provide you with a unique and special tribute to your passed loved one. For further information, visit them on their website at

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