Peace Human Rights Education Velvet Revolution

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Peace & Human Rights Education - Velvet Revolution
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The first-ever comprehensive film and educational materials package documenting the inspiring struggle of the Velvet Revolution - a bloodless achievement not unlike those of Nelson Mandela in South Africa or Mahatma Gandhi in India. To find out more, see below.

Product Description

Narrated by Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons, "The Power of the Powerless" explores Czechoslovakia's legacy of communist rule and the struggle against it: From the iron-fisted Stalinist government of the 1950s; through the vibrant and politically active Prague Spring of the 1960s; the hard-line backlash of the 1970s; and finally the bloodless revolution of 1989. At the heart of the film is the story of blacklisted playwright Václav Havel and his fellow dissidents who, for two decades, spoke out against totalitarianism. The film culminates with the student-led movement in Prague, which sparked 1989's Velvet Revolution and drew a half-million people into the streets, catapulting Václav Havel into the presidency. The documentary features rare and never-before-seen interviews with key figures of the Velvet Revolution including Václav Havel. The participation of young Czechs in the film, who reveal that much of their country's recent history has already been forgotten, makes the film all the more pertinent for young viewers. Directed by Primetime Emmy Award winner Cory Taylor and completed in 2009, "The Power of the Powerless" has already been broadcast in 40 countries on 10 television networks, featured in 20 international film festivals, won multiple awards, and is currently being used by human rights organizations to encourage dissidents struggling in non-democratic countries including Burma. click here to see the trailer.

Packed with lessons, maps and resources for teachers, a companion CD-ROM and booklet were developed to help students and others gain a comprehensive understanding of this historic period. These materials delve deeper into the biographies of those featured in "The Power of the Powerless," and expand on the documentary's themes, exploring subjects such as the abuse of authority, and the importance of civic engagement. Through exposure to the Czechoslovak experience under communism, students will be challenged to examine today's pertinent human rights issues while gaining a deeper appreciation for the importance of promoting and defending human rights. Two educational versions of the DVD, booklet and CD-ROM Teacher Support Materials are now available for university and secondary schools. Educational Version 1.0 is licensed for k-12 schools, individuals, nonprofits, and civic organizations while Educational Version 2.0 is licensed to colleges and universities.

DVD Release Discount

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See a Detailed list of what's inside each package below:

The Power of the Powerless DVD
· 78 minute version (NTSC)
· 58 minute version (NTSC)

40 minutes of Extras
· Never before seen interview clips of Vaclav Havel
· Inspirational messages for young people
· Contrary opinions on Havel's impact
· Prague city guide to the Velvet Revolution
· Deleted scene featuring student leader Jan Bubenik
· Montage of deleted scenes and dramatizations
· Director's comments
· Clips depicting four years of November 17th celebrations in Prague
· Original theatrical trailer

CD-ROM Teacher Support Materials
· 200 searchable, printable pages
· 23 lessons covering topics such as communism, the Prague Spring, transitional justice, nonviolence, music of protest, student power and many more
· Maps of Czechoslovakia, Europe, Prague & resources for IB schools and more in-depth study
· Click here to see full table of contents

The Power of the Powerless Commemorative Color Booklet
· Historical overview by Paul Wilson
· Excerpts from Vaclav Havel's 1978 Essay: The Power of the Powerless
· Timeline from 1945 up to the Velvet Revolution
· Maps: Europe, Czech Republic & Slovakia
· Prague city guide to the Velvet Revolution
· Prague - "Mother of Cities" (photo montage)
· Recommended reading from the filmmakers
· Where are they now? Biographies of key individuals in The Power of the Powerless
· The Making of The Power of the Powerless


Agora Productions is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote humane values, enhance critical thinking skills and expose people, particularly young adults, to positive role models through film, art and educational materials ( ).

Darin Nellis - Executive Director, Agora Productions

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