Parrot are leading the field, but are they the best?

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If you want a bluetooth car kit most people automatically think of the brand Parrot, it has the brand awareness that most companies would die for. Almost on the same level as google. You've heard of the phrase "Google it" haven't you. Well most people contact us think parrot is bluetooth, and are unaware that other brands are available. Even though there is a competitive market for bluetooth car kits. Brands such as bury, motorola, nokia and many others are readily available most people only relate to parrot.

For all there dominance, do parrot produce the best bluetooth products especially over competitor brands that offer a very similar version?

From our experience parrot do offer very competitive kits, each kit providing something different to the other variations of parrot kits. For example the new parrot range the MKI, has three versions. The MKI9000, MKI9100 and the MKI9200. Each offers the same bluetooth and additional functions such as iPod. However each of the upgrades offer a better screen, which allows for better integration of bluetooth phone book, ipod music library and other functions. However there are other extremely good kits that offer the same level of integration and functions.

The Bury cc9060 provides excellent voice recognition software which in our opinion is second too none. Simply select voice on the screen and speak the commands you want it to perform. Its such a simple feature that really improves the functionality of the kit and adds additional safety features and value for money.

Parrot MKI range do also have this feature, although we find it a little more difficult to use.

The parrot does have some negatives, firstly the systems are difficult to use unless you purchase one with the screen & there is a lot of grey stock sold online without UK warranties. Be sure to check the parrot is genuine before hand and return it immediately if you purchase one that isn't.

We find the Parrot brand best for several reasons including style & integration, functions & features and easy of installation. The ease of use is on par with other products but generally speaking you will be happy if you purchase parrot bluetooth

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