Paintings for Christmas

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Christmas is as ever approaching and with it, numerous worries. What are we doing for Christmas, How will we make this year special, who is going to prepare dinner, is the oven big enough, will there be room for everybody and much more. Ah yes, the season to be jolly is definitely also the season to get busy. Even if all these details are taking care of, one thing comes up every year. What am I going to buy for everybody as their present?

This is a question that re-invents itself every year. People change, fashions change and you change as well. As such, you are back to square one almost like clockwork, every year. There is no denying it, whatever your gender, sex and age, buying that special present for someone else remains as elusive as landing the perfect job or finding the perfect mate. It can happen, but lighting rarely strikes twice and in any event, hoping for it to happen exactly right this year requires an enormous amount of personal Christmas spirit, to say the least.

So what to do? What can you possible give anybody that is unexpected, personal, interesting and of value to the person, almost no matter what? Preferably it should also be within a reasonable pricing range, fit somewhat under the tree and not require any special permits, licenses or secret society memberships. So what to do?

My solution last year might not fit all, but I must say that it really hit the spot and positively surprised all at my Christmas party. The solution? In my case the answer was Paintings!

Now that may sounds like an unclear undefined solution and some thought does rightly have to go into exactly what painting to give to whom. Nevertheless, I found that one product category did fit all. Paintings can be extremely personal, they can suit the receivers' interests, they are unique, they can be made for everybody and they almost always come as a big surprise

Take my case. For my sister, I got a painting of herself when she was in her prime (made from a photo), painted so she was actually in the garden of her house (another photo). My aunt got a painting of her much loved dog, something she will still have as an eternal memory when he is not with us any longer. Her son, still quite young, was a bit harder. I settled for a painting of the movie poster from Scarface, a movie he has watched numerous times and truly loves. It was so much more alive and real that a bland poster and the new pride of his room. I might consider getting myself one of those poster paintings...

For my parents, true museum fans and art enthusiasts, I gave The Starry Night by Van Gogh (reproduced in amazing quality and accuracy - you just cannot see that it is not real). I also gave them Water Lilies by Monet, another amazing reproduction. My son is a bit up the same alley and truly appreciates paintings. I gave him Impression Sunrise by Monet (another brilliant reproduction), always a favorite of his and an incredible addition to the wall. Last, there was my dear husband. He got a painting, reproduced after a photograph, of what had better be the happiest day of his life - our wedding day! Luckily, he too was both surprised and extremely happy.

It may not be for everybody but consider this. You can have a hand painted work done of anything. Whether you would like a painting of your old photo of yourself, or a reproduction of your favorite painting, it can be done. Painted in oil on canvas, these images take on new life and presence and are truly a gift. Just find out what is dear to those around you and immortalize it on canvas. That is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

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