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Art is in the eye of the beholder, if you got a photo and you are able to produce a painting from this then that really is talent, its recognised today as being a painter or an artist. Because there is so many talented people and artists out there today and they donít tend to get the appreciation they and you would normally get form people back in the olden days.

Taking a photograph is art in its self but painting the photo you see in front of you is just amazing, especially if your painting on a canvas as this can be more challenging as appose to painting on a sheet of paper, reason being is because when applying paint to canvas you have to apply more but allot more slowly to allow for the room between the fabric and your brush, this is an art in its self and really is classed as canvas artwork. Just brilliant.

Another way of expressing your artwork would be to use different fabric, i had a friend that likes to use all different types of materials for his art, as a posse to having some canvas art he like to think of it as abstract and very daring, a great combination of art, wall art and photography, it really is a cocktail for the art industry.

So paintings and photos can be an exciting subject to embark on. Letís say you had some wonderful photos you wanted to change into canvas prints, or even if you had some artwork you wanted to change into a canvas print and them once you had the canvas print you could then make your own art around it, so letís say you can some canvas printing done of a horse which was a photo on canvas but you didnít really like the background on it, instead of photoshoping the picture before having it printed you could paint of the canvas that has been printed on. Now that would be an amazing idea and if you pulled it off then you could safely say that you canvas art print was very unique and could have something that would be amazing to show off to your friends and family.

If youíre willing to experiment and have a little cash to play with then this may be the idea for you, itís not only a good wall art idea it is also very exciting and fun to make in the process and once you have completed your first one who knows you may even create a collection and gone on to become very popular indeed. As allot of artists became known through there experiments and willing to risk their work from a few spontaneous ideas they had from different colours and fabrics including canvas and printing techniques. You should give it a go, be spontaneous and you never know that you might actually create something magical and life changing for everyone to see.

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