Paint to express your innermost desires, beliefs

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Almost all of us have at sometime in our lives wanted to pick up a brush and just paint whatever came to the mind. But it is the inherent fear of criticism that prevents us. However, have you wondered why people while looking at the work of an artist don't laugh? All one gets to hear is: "Oh, it is an artist's expression of what is around him/her."

The same applies to us. Just because we don't belong to the category of ‘artists' doesn't mean we can't find an outlet. After all colours are all around us and make our lives beautiful. While many take up gardening, pottery, or even cooking as an outlet there are many who pick up brushes, paints and a canvas. With an intention to provide an expression, Habitat Centre has organized a workshop that is being conducted by Kavita Jaiswal. While most workshops follow a set pattern and each person is made to do the same thing. Jaiswal's workshop breaks away from the routine. Each person chooses his/her own style and medium.

And the interesting part is that none of the people who are in the class has any drawing background - they are absolutely raw. The only binding factor among the students (homemakers, teachers and even lawyers) is that that want to paint/draw. As a person can choose his own style and set his/her own work pace, a person can join the class any time of the year. Also, as each student has her/his own unique style and medium there is no competition. After all they are there to find an outlet of their expression and not to imitate the other.

"Most of the people who come to the workshop have had no previous experience of painting. All that they are looking for is a way to express themselves. There are many who come to the class having problems in drawing a form. I tell them to turn the picture upside down and then draw. Because then it is not as form, it is just another object that they need to draw," said Kavita. The students on their part finding that they can paint whatever that comes to them, express themselves better. Looking around the work, the same is evident. The painting of each student has its own story to tell. Take the example of two identical drawings. One was in pencil and the other was water crayons. The artist was only experimenting with different mediums and get a feel of each.

Held every Friday at the Experiment Art Gallery from 10 am to 1 pm, the workshop is the right place if you want to play around with colours. After all, there are not many places where a teacher will teach you what you want and not the other way round.

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