Out of the mouth of Babes

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My grandson, who we shall call "Cutie-Pie", comes into my bedroom and wants to watch television with me. I am currently watching a show but I allow him to change the channel to one of his favorite channels.

I was really enjoying his company when he told me that he wanted to leave me and return to his mother who was downstairs.

I really love this guy, so I begged him to stay a little longer with me but he was persistent in leaving to be with his mom.

So, out of desperation I told him that I was scared and for him to stay with me.

Surprisingly, he told me "Grand-mom, don't be scared. God is with you".

I loved it. It showed me that everything we had been teaching him had actually sunk in.

So in response, I said "But I still want you with me and I am still a little scared." That did the trick.

So, my sweetie pie stayed with me until it was time for him to go to bed.

This was always the time during the day when we DID NOT get along. He never wanted to go to bed if adults were still up.

So, I must have told him at least 5 times to go to bed and he just kept finding other things to do or to talk about.

Finally I said "If you do not leave this room right this minute, I will call your Daddy to come up and get you!"

And he replied, "Okay, okay, I'm leaving and I'm taking God with me!".

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