Original Oil Paintings

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Have you ever wondered why the world famous painting ‘Mona Lisa' could endure so many centuries? It still looks perfect till today. This fantastic masterpiece is one of those all time great Original Oil Paintings created by the master artist Da Vinci. Another famous portrait which falls in the category of original oil paintings is the La Gioconda or La Joconde. Done on poplar wood this is a 16th-century oil painting. Coming back to ‘Mona Lisa' this painting which was done almost 500 years still continues to baffle admirers. Even modern technology could not understand the mystery behind the enigmatic smile of Mona Lisa. This creation by one of the greatest painters of the world provides inspiration to innumerable artists to imagine art in its true sense.

Usually linseed oil which is mixed with certain pigments is used to paint Original Oil Paintings. In ancient times the Greeks used a novel method to preserve colors in order to protect pictures and make them waterproof. For this purpose they developed varnishes by drying different types of oils derived from linseed, castor, poppy walnut etc. Original oil paintings trace its roots to this method invented by the Greeks. For hundreds of years nobody else knew about it and it was only in the 13th century that artists unraveled this unique method. In the early part of the 15th century the Van Eyck brothers mastered this method. In this way they laid the foundation of oil painting.

Original Oil Paintings have been mesmerizing people since its inception and that admiration has remained intact till today. Apart from the durability of original oil paintings their depth is also another important factor that catapulted its popularity. Initially these paintings were complex but once artists could understand the basics they could do justice to it. Many artists could make a good living by painting customized or commissioned artwork. In fact their talent blossomed through this medium of painting which gave them ample scope to express their ideas freely.

Before the advent of oil paints artists had to use fresco and tempura for painting purposes. These used to dry up fast but when oils from linseed, poppy and walnut etc were used the process of drying became slower. The use of oil paints ensured better surface coverage. Oil paintings look more even and thorough unlike fresco and tempura paintings. Gradually artists switched over to oils and instead of painting on boards/panels they chose to paint on the canvas.

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