Oriental Window Treatment aka Wall Paintings

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If you are looking for wall painting online, better give the art piece a second to third glance because before you realize it, it could be oriental window treatments that are posted in the internet. This is true. Window covers to be mistaken as wall paintings are not far from possibility anymore, especially if we are talking about oriental blinds.

As we say, window covers are not anymore considered as shield protecting us from the intrusion and scrutiny outside the home front. They are not just security of our privacy when we want to just stay inhibited or relaxed at home; neither their sole purpose is to protect us from ultraviolet rays of the sun but are now more descriptive to give our home interior a more pleasing view. Browse through the net and find Monalisa, if not laid on a canvass, on a bamboo or sticks closely knit together to create a surface. If you are tired of her on your wall, you can just roll it up and roll it down once again if you are in the mood to meditate on DaVinci’s piece. Monalisa is not the only renowned work of art you see painted in oriental blinds you can even have Vitruvian if you are lucky enough to secure one.

What the above-mentioned are just examples of window covers aka wall painting for windows. You can find different designs from portrait to landscape for less than 20 bucks each. But for one who is not up to anything like this, nothing is better, classy, and stylish than to just get plain, plaid, stripes blinds with real wall paintings as premier wall art décor at home. The point is window treatments are not just covers but works of art, too. Your wall art and curtain, drapes, or blinds should blend together to give your desired effect of beauty at home. If you want your home interior to look busy, you can have printed or painted blinds plus wall paintings and stylish mirrors set above your console table.

Oriental mini blinds can be of bamboo materials, matchsticks, or shoji paper roll up. From the sound of the materials used, we already know for a fact that these blinds are of no doubt Asian arts, Chinese to be specific. This can be patronized by western or Caucasian people who crave for Asian culture in their own home setting. Those along with Asian wall paintings can be good contributors enough to create an oriental feel at home. Even non-Asians cannot deny the fact that Asian ambiance at home exudes a unique feel of relaxation.

The author, Shannon, is the co-founder of Artyii, an online sale platform of Asian emerging artists. He specializes in acquiring quality wall paintingsand Asian art. at good prices for art lovers worldwide. He has also assisted those who were looking for artwork for sale and those who loved to buy art online.

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