Omega 3- Fatty Acids in Weight Loss.

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Everyone is quite aware of the fact that for an effective weight loss there is a long list of food products to be avoided and similarly there is also a list of food products to be included in our diet. Sea food is present in the second mentioned list. Much has been said about sea food and their composition, like their amino acid profile which matches with that of human being so in addition to being a good source of essential amino acids they also supply us with non essential amino acid. Sea food also contains best source of good cholesterol in the form of Omega 3-Fatty Acids. Now let us find out to which extent these fatty acids help a person in their weight loss plan. So that the person does not resort to crash diets to lose weight fast ..

To determine the role of Omega 3- Fatty Acids in weight loss a study was conducted by Dr. Laura F. DeFina and her team at The Cooper Institute of Dallas. This study included 128 participants of women and men who were sedentary overweight and obese; they were put on a diet and exercise program. The exercise regime consists of 150 minutes of aerobics a week and strength training for 20 to 30 minutes twice a week. They were split into two and one group was given 3 grams of omega 3-fatty acids capsule while the other group was put on placebo.

At the end of the study period of 24 weeks it was found that both groups lost 5 % of their body weight and the study was therefore concluded as no significant weight loss was evident from those who were on omega 3-fatty acids. These findings were reported in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

There are also very positive evidences from the experiments conducted on mice to prove that omega 3-fatty acids can enhance in weight loss.

Now that it is obviously evident that omega 3-fatty acids do not enhance weight loss, does this mean that people on a diet plan, to lose weight fast, can afford to skip this nutrient from their diet?
No, not at all, let us consider the following reasons, for including the nutrient in our diet.
1. Okay, omega 3-fatty acids does not reduce weight, consuming fish or other sea food will certainly not add to your overweight but on the other hand will be a good source of protein, fats and micronutrients. Sourcing these nutrients elsewhere might include some bad fats which may add to your weight.
2. The fact that the overweight causes many related health issues is known to everybody. The omega 3-fatty acids will certainly help to alleviate these issues.

Some of the other benefits by taking omega 3-fatty acids should also be considered such as the follows. Omega 3-fatty acids prevent cardiovascular disease by increasing the arterial elasticity and reducing irregular heart beats. These fatty acids are good in developing a healthier brain. Many nutritionists feel that it is a criminal offence in not including omega 3-fatty acids in the diet during pregnancy because the growing fetus desperately needs it to develop better brain, circulatory system and eyes. Omega 3-fatty acids also reduce the painful inflammatory conditions at joints of our body.

Omega 3-fatty acids may be taken from sea food source or some people may prefer to have the capsules of the same. It is also available in the edible algae (Spirulina), in the capsule form for those who are too particular to obtain it from the vegetarian source.

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