Oil Painting Brushes

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Part of being a good artist is using the correct type of painting brush. There are a wide range of brushes, with specific brushes made for watercolour, acrylic and oil paints.

There are two types of hair used for oil painting brushes. Firstly there are bristle hairs which come from pigs. These types of oil painting brushes are ideal for painting large areas and especially useful when you first start a painting. Sable hair brushes are ideal for painting fine detail and small areas. A key feature of oil painting brushes is the presence of a longer handle than you will find on watercolour or acrylic brushes. The long handle is for balance purposes as oil painting brushes are held at a horizontal angle due to the fact that oil paint does not flow like watercolour paint. Good oil painting brushes will retain their shape and bounce back after each stroke.

There are different shapes for oil painting brushes and these include flats, fillberts, brights and rounds. Flat oil painting brushes are versatile and can create a variety of strokes. Fillbert oil painting brushes are more oval and are ideal for creating soft edges. Brights are similar to flats but the hairs are shorter and the brush stroke are more apparent. Round oil painting brushes are a sable brush, used for fine detail. You will normally require a selection of oil painting brushes to create your range of paintings.

Effective cleaning of your oil painting brushes is very important as oil can be difficult to remove from the brush. Special soaps and shampoos can be purchased for use on oil painting brushes. Reshaping oil painting brushes is also important and linseed oil or pure almond oil can be used for this purpose. If you have used oil to reshape your oil painting brush ensure that you cleanse it before the next use.

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