Nightclubs in Scotland

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Scotland is one of the most beautiful and exciting places in the United Kingdom. With its own distinctive culture and friendly people, going out visiting UK night clubs in towns and cities is always going to be a fun experience.

From Edinburgh to Glasgow, probably two of the country’s most well known cities there is no shortage of nightlife and hotspots to make your time in Scotland memorable (or not, as the case may be).


Glasgow is an exciting city, and the largest in Scotland. With a kicking music and club scene, the city boasts a rich culture of music and having a good time. Clubs such as The Arches which host nights such as Pressure have been incredibly popular, attracting DJs from the international scene.

The Arches sells itself on not only being a nightclub, but a bar, theatre and host to live music performances. The edgy as well as handy location under Glasgow’s Central station is just another attraction. The architecture of the building lends itself to the club’s great feel as the arches were previously part of an Roman viaduct.

The building is vast, holding more than two floors of various rooms and spanning seven arches. The club has hosted popular nights such as Slam, which ran for six years every Friday, as well as currently presenting Pressure, with two rooms playing house music as well as techno.

The club also host events such as a gay night every month on the second Saturday, known as Death Disco.

Glasgow also has the Sub Club, which has been running since 1987 and is located underground, adding to its edgy feel and wide appeal. The basement based club hosts a variety of musical genres and has seen gigs by bands such as LCD Soundsystem and Franz Ferdinand.


Edinburgh is not only a beautiful city and the inspiration for the legendary Harry Potter novels, it is a fantastic city to go out and party in the best clubs in the United Kingdom. The backdrop of the cobbled high street, the Royal Mile, and Edinburgh Castle which is lit at night, give the city an exciting party atmosphere that no other can beat.

Espionage is venues in both Edinburgh and Aberdeen, and is known for being a top night club with eccentric décor and an exciting clientele. The Edinburgh venue is located near the Grassmarket, almost underneath Edinburgh Castle.

The club is spread over five floors, each with a bar and a different type of music. The nightclub also boasts being open every single night of the year, without exclusion, and providing party lovers with a great time.

The Cabaret Voltaire is another very different type of club, in being located in the lower part of the city in caverns underneath the Cowgate district. The club is also open seven nights a week and hosts a variety of music events and gigs.

Every night at the club also takes a different theme, such as Sick Note on Thursday nights, with the ironic name urging clubbers to cut loose before the weekend has even started.

UK night clubs are extremely popular and oft visited by regular customers apart from guests. Do make it a point to visit them once occasionally to enjoy and unwind.

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