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India is a country of unity in diversity and hence being and Indian is a matter of proud that we all are different in culture but we all are united with the feelings of being Indian. This is where all of us unite. This big country for east to west and from south to north is connected with the help of News. News makes a man of south get the updates of people living in south. There are various channels which provide only West Bengal News and with the help of globalization a man being an East Indian and sitting north India will be able to make get the information happening around in eastern India. Be it UP News or Rajasthan News you will be able to make out that news is working as a uniting force between you and many others.
The country is really big and obviously people living here are having diverse language and diverse ceremonies and cultures but with the help of news channels you they are united and are seen time and again to stand against various corruptions and other problems. We have seen cases like Jessica Lal where people came in and had their stand together to fight for one girl forgetting the race and culture. Whole India stood beside her as also the news channels of other parts of the world. West Bengal News and UP News also came in action at that moment to fight for one girl. This shows the unity in diversity. This way we have seen people to gather together forgetting their culture and race when India wins a cricket match.

We have seen bollywood news making us united time and again. People from around the world want to know about the bollywood stars, their lives and their controversies. Be it UP News, West India news or the Rajasthan News everyone is ready to update crazy Indians for their favorite stars and also make them aware of the facts that are happening in their lives. This way news plays as the connecting force between one state and another and makes our unity go strong with time. The more and more you will be updated with the news you are apt for mixing up with people and be informed with in the world around you. So just make you updated every day with the news of the world.

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