New Year Fireworks - Celebrating with Pyrotechnics

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One of the most common places to see pyrotechnics is during a New Year fireworks display. These are traditionally some of the biggest public fireworks shows, and many people celebrate with fireworks of their own. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the types of fireworks that are used during New Year celebrations, as well as how you can do a little celebrating of your own.

Commercial grade fireworks are certainly beautiful, but they are expensive and for many regular people they aren't legal. Depending on where you live and whether you have any professional experience (not to mention the funds), you may not be able to use them. However, there are plenty of types of fireworks that are available to the general public. This includes not only minor pyrotechnics like firecrackers, bottle rockets, smoke bombs, and the like, but ground fireworks as well. Ground fireworks are essentially any type of pyrotechnic that is intended to stay on the ground, and they are popular among consumers because while they pose a lower risk of fire and injury due to the fact that they don't go shooting around, they still give a great show. If you want to put on a New Year fireworks show, ground fireworks are a good choice. They can be mounted on wheels and gears so that they spin and move around, or simply placed on the ground.

Public New Year fireworks shows typically employ several different basic types of commercial fireworks. For example, the peony is a type that shoots out points of light called stars in a radial pattern, creating a cluster of lights in a spherical shape. There are variants that have trails that hang in the air, which is called a comet effect. Some fireworks have shells that launch stars that later break into smaller stars and some detonate and drop, creating a waterfall of sparks called a horse tail. There are even "fish," which upon detonating send out a flurry of stars that weave out from the centre in an unpredictable way.

There are plenty of New Year fireworks to enjoy, whether you are at home or seeing a public display. Celebrating with fireworks can be dangerous, so make sure that you know both the legality of your pyrotechnics and how to properly use them. This will reduce the risk of both injury and law enforcement slapping you with a hefty fine.

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