Natural Soap News: Get the dirt on Commercial Soap

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Do you use a natural soap bar or a chemical detergent bar? Can you tell the difference between them?

Do you know that most people are not aware that there is a difference?

In super markets and grocery stores we can find mostly chemical based detergents. It is considered a replacement to the natural soaps we have been using prior to the invention of commercial chemicals. The chemical ingredients are designed at large companies and put in detergents, the effects of these chemicals on the skin were unknown until after a few decades later. Over these decades we noticed many new skin conditions increase in the general population. Before the major World Wars, only natural ingredients were which were trusted for skin care for thousands of years. The World Wars brought on the chemical age when there was a shortage of natural soap ingredients to the world markets. Chemicals were cheaper and very effective at removing dirt from the skin, unfortunately, it was also good at removing too much, killing many other functions of the skin in the process.

Detergents are considered to be more profitable for big manufacturers.

Why? Because the cost of the chemical ingredients is so much lower, like sodium lauryl sulphate, a foaming agent. As a result of the entrance of these chemicals in the production, the cost to manufacture lowered. Nowadays the final bars of detergent soap cost less for the consumer than natural soap. That's why it is very difficult, if not impossible, to find quality natural soap any more at the grocery store. Of course, nowadays more and more people appear to have the bad skin reactions to detergents as a result of buying cheap chemical soap bars. More and more people understand the importance of treating themselves with natural alternatives. So the companies have started seeing consumers turn back to trusted natural skin care treatment and have started adding a few natural ingredients to their chemical washes and try to sell you "this alternative" to a bad idea to begin with. What is the point of washing with a chemical soap that has a few natural ingredients thrown in for marketing purposes? You need to always use a 100% chemical free natural soap. Always.

Natural Soap is environmentally safe... chemical soaps harm the ecosystem

A profound problem arised from the heavy use of sodium triphosphate, which can comprise up to 50% by weight of detergents. The discharge of soluble phosphates into natural waters has led to a condition called eutrophication in lakes, streams and oceans. This is technically the bloom of phytoplankton which deprives the water of oxygen and animal life, creating negative environmental effects. With respect to the phosphate additives, between 1940 and 1970 "the amount of phosphates in city wastewater increased from 20,000 to 150,000 tons per year." With the increase in phosphates, algal blooms grew splendidly on the excess phosphorus and consumed most of the oxygen in the waters, killing fish and plants.

So not only does commercial soap damage our skin, but as we wash all of the left over chemicals down the tub, it runs out into our streams and lakes, oceans and soil. The more we wash chemicals down the drain, the worst things get for us in the big picture. Killing fish and plants, making our environment more and more unsustainable and poisoning ourselves at the same time.

See what some natural soap companies are doing about it, this is a very sensitive issue in the state of Hawaii where preserving the natural ecosystem is of utmost importance: North Shore Soap Factory and Hawaiian Bath and Body.

The only alternative is to only purchase and use natural soap products for healthy skin care and a happy Earth.

Source: Natural Soap Reviews

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