My Sarcastic Entertainment Scoop 7/8/10

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Lindsay Lohan

I never see this chick in anything other than the news and tabloids! At first, I didn't even know why she was famous other than the fact that she is completely notorious. She's always getting herself in trouble and her family seems just as troubled. This woman needs to make a fresh start in life, get some counseling and climb out of this rut! She was in court for violating her probation and the whole world has heard the recording of her crying and spilling her guts out in court. Lindsay pleaded with the judge to not throw her in the slammer for 90 days and require another 90 days of rehab as a result of violating her DUI probation but it didn't work. Hopefully she can clean up her act before she hurts herself or someone else. There's always Celebrity Rehab.

Mel Gibson

Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. I thought Mel Gibson was a religious man but I'm not sure if the Catholic Church is going to be too happy to hear that his wife is accusing him of "spousal abuse". His wife Oksana claims that Mel was very hot-tempered and she feared for her own safety mostly during the months of January and February. We'll probably find out that poor Mel is suffering from seasonal effective disorder.


Usher is already coming out with another album bearing eight new songs! I enjoy Usher's music but I'm hoping that the next round of songs are better than "Oh My Gosh". Come on Usher, you used to be so good! What's next…LMAO? I know you can do it- remember quality over quantity. LOL.

The Bachelor: The Video Game?

I thought I was reading this wrong but apparently this is going to happen. The Bachelor video game is coming to Wii and Nintendo DS. Save your pennies because you don't want to miss this one. Anyways, who needs World of Warcraft when you can be "The Bachelor"?

I bet the game follows along with the most active parts of the show so the contestants will need to overcome challenges to win the Bachelor's affection. You'll probably have your share of eliminations or "Rose Ceremonies", then the wedding. What I'm wondering is whether or not the game's next level will be the challenge of maintaining the marriage after such a short courtship. If it doesn't work, perhaps they'll add an adventure on the way to the studio to give the ring back to ABC.

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