Movie Review: Mad Max - Way Ahead Of Its Time

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With the every increasing need in today's world for green energy and environmentally friendly sources of power, a world without oil is becoming more and more of a real possibility. But what happens if it doesn't quite work out? What if we never relieve our dependence on oil, and as oil becomes more scarce, countries will fight wars over it? This is the exact premise of the classic thriller, "Mad Max," starring Mel Gibson.

Our tale starts out after some devastating war in some undetermined time in the future. Gasoline is at an absolute premium, and is protected carefully. Society is just barely held together by organized law enforcement. Max, the hero, is one of these law agengs. His job is to chase after bad guys who have seemingly escaped on their way to the wastelands, and areas outside of the cities.

We get to enjoy some early evidence of Max showing his driving skills, his character, and his upright morals and ethics. He is a family man, and a doting husband and father. It is a shame that such a nice family has to grow up in such a horrible environment.

We also learn about a psychotic group of criminals, who stay on the outskirts of society. It is kill or be killed in this world, and steal whatever you can. There is no law, and there is a loose band of outlaws that roam the roads and steal gasoline from whatever source they can.

It is when a few of these lawless road gangsters come up against Max's family that he gets his name. These outlaws chase down and kill Max's wife and his kid. When they do this, they unleash a mad killer in Max whose character has been described since time immemorial. Somebody who has been transformed from an average Joe, into a highly skilled killer in search of only one thing. Revenge on those who have hurt him.

This is the very heart of the film. The first part is all build up. The introduction of the society in which Max lives, the introduction of his personality, his character, his skills as a driver and a police officer. Just before the accident, he is shown a particularly advanced car that has an extremely powerful engine. Max turns it down, and decides to pursue a quite life with his family. But when they take his family, he turns his back on any hope of a normal life, and heads to the road.

One by one, he hunts them down and kills them. Through powerful displays of driving and advanced abilities of road trickery, he seduces them into the chase, and then quickly turns and destroys them. In one last scene that is particularly disturbing, he shows just how ruthless and vicious he has become. This movie was an instant cult classic, and every futuristic movie is compared to it as the gold standard. This is one classic movie that everybody should see. Including you.


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