Modern Indian Art Carrying Forward the Rich Indian Tradition

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Art has always occupied a prominent place in the Indian culture. From the earliest times, as you move through the history of art in India, the thing that is the first to strike is that art has remained firmly engraved in our conscience since the times we have known.

Art does represent the creativity of the times it is associated with but it also represents the aesthetic sense of people in that age.
Contemporary Indian Art seeks to derive from the multiple influences of cultures around the world and also in equal measure tries to inculcate the rich tradition and culture of India. Different eras in Indian history have influenced the art scene in India. As it happens, the present is depicted firmly in art of that age as art happens to be a medium of expression, rebellion and a maker of opinions at the same time.

Modern Indian Art is an amalgamation of the influences of different cultures. With globalization, famous works of art have gained popularity around the world as compared to local appreciation that these pieces got earlier. Indian Art retains its characteristic individuality while having the international appeal. Enthusiasts can buy Indian art through online means. This is true not just of the famous contemporary artists, but also of the young Indian artists who are looking to find feet in the world art market. These artists are young but their work is as innovative and holds the brilliance that is comparable to the best around the globe.

Indian art boasts of a rich tradition. Different schools have evolved over the years that have brought forth something that seeks to achieve the pinnacle of artistic imagination.

In India, the vision of artists has manifested itself in the form of murals and miniatures. Murals from ancient times continue to fascinate and charm people even today. One can not help but be in awe of the scope and manner of thought and execution of these. The canvas for the artists in this case happened to be nature. This raw beauty was then carved out in a way that brought together the ethereal and the earthly, resulting in a magnificence that continues to captivate people centuries later.

Varied kinds of materials for the painting canvas, different colours and techniques have all served to give richness and diversity to the Indian art. All these forms are available in all their vibrancy and for those who buy Indian art it is possible to revel in a bit of the glory.

From the ancient murals and miniatures to Raja Ravi Varma’s Shakuntala and the modern Indian art, all have received the patronage in their times and beyond. Artistic representations of different ages continue to inspire people much later in time. Art is indeed timeless, it is a continuum of creativity and imagination that is meant to mesmerize.

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