Mobile-reliant UK - Research commissioned by 118800, April 2009

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The following statistics demonstrate how reliant we British are on the address book in our mobiles. Without it we can remember very few

numbers, if any. Many of us have no back-up in electronic or printed form.

• 30% of people can't remember any of the phone numbers stored in their mobile phone and only 30% of people can recall 2-3 of their

contact mobile phone numbers

• 60% of people wouldn't be able to recall their partner's mobile number if they lost their phone

• 98% of people wouldn't be able to recall their child minder's mobile number if they lost their phone

• 71% of people don't back up their mobile phone contacts online or on a separate SIM card

• Only 50% of people keep an updated separate address book

Below we see that a majority of adults in the UK believe a service like
118 800's to be useful:

• 63% of people have had an occasion when they have needed to get hold of someone on their mobile and not had their number to hand

• 61% of people thought a directory enquiry service containing mobile phone listings sounds like a good idea, providing mobile numbers

are not disclosed.

• Assuming the cost was acceptable, 50% of people said they would be quite likely to, very likely to or would almost certainly use a

directory enquiry service that could put them in touch with people via their mobile phone.

We asked what type of people they might find it useful to be able to contact on their mobile phone via a directory enquiry service. The table

below shows the results:

Who it would be useful to be able to contact %
Friends 40.83
Friends of friends 16.30
People you've just met recently 17.77
Work colleagues 29.37
Business contacts 23.73
Delivery people 22.57
Plumbers, builders etc who work on site 24.77
Other Parents 8.67
Relations 18.50
None of the above 20.73

Survey conducted by OnePoll based on 3000 people of varying demographics, broken down by region.

118800 connect people who want, or need, to talk on the move but cant find a mobile number they need,

118800 never gives out anyone's mobile number.

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