Mobile Phones – Features that will Allure You

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New mobile phones are being launched into the markets with features that will amaze you. The advanced applications of these gadgets attract the users towards them a lot.

Mobile phone industry has grown rapidly in past few years. It has witnessed entry of smart phones with advanced features like accelerometer sensor, optical cameras with digital zoom, QWERTY keypads, touch screen interface and massive memory storage. Mobile Phones with high resolution cameras have become highly popular among the masses. It is hard to find someone owning a handset without a camera these days.

Besides reputed brands like Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson etc. a large number of new players have entered the markets with their new set of mobile phones. Some mobile phones come equipped with unique operating systems of their companies. BlackBerry phones are known for their high speed operating systems and advanced technologies. Present day mobile phones are also known for their multi tasking capabilities and slim looks.

Applications like Bluetooth enable the users to connect wirelessly with the handsets owned by their friends. One can easily send and receive images with the help of Bluetooth. The range of Bluetooth has increased up to 100 meters in some gadgets. Global Position System or GPS is another useful application which has been acclaimed by the users all over the world. The features facilitate you to find your destination in an unknown location. With the help of maps that come preloaded in GPS enabled mobile phones, you can easily find your points of interest like ATM, restaurants, petrol pumps, hospitals etc.

Most of the mobile phones also support internet connectivity. So, you can always send and receive emails on you handset with ease. Besides this, one can also enjoy latest java games in one’s mobile whenever one feels so. These games serve as popular pass time for the users as they can relax anytime and rejuvenate them elves during their busy schedules.

One can easily get attractive contract phone deals and pay as you go phone deals on the new mobiles that have been launched. These mobile phone deals are offered to the users with additional benefits and free gifts like laptop, TV, camcorder, iPod and gaming consoles. You can easily get a mobile phone deal that will be just suited for you.

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