Misconception Of Bamboo And Rattan Products

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With the requirements of low-carbon in our daily life, more and more people prefer to buy environment friendly products compared with those people many years ago. Talking about green products, Iím sure that many of you can blurt out many products that belong to green products. This time, Iím going to focus on bamboo products and rattan products which both are in the rank of green products.

Basically nearly all things we use can be made of bamboo and rattan. And one of the most outstanding product is furniture made of bamboo and rattan. We often mix the concept of bamboo and rattan together out there for the bamboo market blend them too.

Itís for certain that we have seen a lot of furniture out there. And we barely recognize them between bamboo products and rattan products since they look so similar from the appearance. And when we decide to buy them, the guide would always tell us that the difference between them could be ignored. I donít believe it. What about you? Do you believe it? Or is it just me that always experience these things? Iíve done some research and find out the difference between them. Here is some simple explanations.

Both bamboo and rattan grow best in tropical areas. Rattan is one of the worldís strongest woods. It grows vertically, like a vine which allows it not to form concentric rings like most other hardwoods. Rattan plant requires support from other sources, as it can not stand on its own, which means that rattan must be grown around other trees. Straight rattan is normally bent by means of steaming and once the makers have their wanted shape, the wood is hung to dry and remains that shape forever. While bamboo plants are much stouter and can be grown independently. Bamboo could grow up to 6 meters one year which attracts those farmers in developing countries as multiple harvest can be grown every year.

Though rattan and bamboo look the same, in fact they are different. A method used to determine what your furniture is made from, is to check if there is a bend in the pole. Bamboo is harder than rattan and can not be curved. Rattan, however, is durable and flexible and can be maneuvered in many ways. The one other main difference between rattan and bamboo is that rattan is solid and bamboo is hollow.

In our daily life, weíre often informed that bamboo and rattan is the same and we, deep in thought, would know itís not true. There are also other products that made from bamboo and rattan, such as handbags which are becoming very popular lately.

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