Mining crushing for Antimony and opal in USA

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Antimony and protein extraction quarry, we need jaw crusher, ball mill, crusher, cone crusher impact of mining.
Antimony, although not rich, appear in more than 100 minerals; similar antimony ore from the waste from manufacturing. Antimony production from secondary sources mainly from "old scrap" the general lead-acid battery plates, metal composition, and bearing metal. "New waste", which is from the scum and the waste generated during the manufacturing process, constitute the 1987 (Llewellyn 1988) 8.6% of secondary antimony. Secondary antimony is mainly consumed in lead-antimony, a small percentage to the other lead and tin-based alloy production.
In this process, the ore is heated to about 1,500 "C and the amount of oxygen control, so that the formation of volatile antimony oxide, and then recondensed. Middle-class sulphide or oxide ore smelting general treatment. Impure metal Fire may be refined or electrolytic smelting technology. For antimony mining, beneficiation, recovery and refining further details, see Carapella or Herbst and so on.

Opal cutting and polishing : Opal is one of the main variety found in natural quartz grinding up earth. Antimony Mining Crusher usually refers to straight-through centrifugal mill and Raymond Grinder. Straight Centrifugal Mill and Raymond Mill is suitable for crushing opal mining use. Once the opal mining is that they will be experts in cutting and polishing to remove any remaining dirt and opal potch which is still attention and reveal the true colors and patterns, in each individual stone exist.
Almost all of the opal is cut cabochon form, because they generally will naturally freeform opal, to minimize the size and color, can be present in the stone potential.
Milling machine to meet the opal mining : On the basis of the traditional grinder, straight centrifugal grinding mill thick powder designed to meet customer demand. It has fulfilled the following fineness with 3mm mixed material customers. Energy consumption, straight centrifugal mill mill fan consumes only 6%, but Raymond Mill is 81% of the volume. In addition, the consumption of energy, slide the whole energy stone Spiller area of 25%, but straight centrifugal grinder no such consumption.

Mining for Antimony and opal , we need use jaw crusher, ball mill, impact crusher and cone crusher, they are widely used in the whole antimony and opal mining process. And mobile mining crushers are the good equipment choise to most of the ore concentrators. Antimony Mining Crusher is used twice in the antimony process. Caiman would supply the most suitable information about antimony ore crushers and opal minine mills for you. Read More about this , please visit : . Thanks. Good luck .

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