Microsoft Buys Skype For 8.5 Billion While Smart Mouth Mobile Builds Even Better Platform

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Microsoft shocked the world, or at least the vast majority who do not keep up with the movements of big players in the mobile technology and internet industry. For weeks, the rumors have abounded about companies including Google and Facebook taking a run at acquiring the VOIP company, Skype. Microsoft put an end to those rumors on May 10 when they pulled the rug out from under the would be suitors and gave $8.5 billion for the ten year old online communications firm.
The move by Microsoft was very surprising to many, but not for the forward thinkers of the mobile communications community who know that the future of the internet belongs to those who have the foresight to build networks that connect mobile users and social media to deliver a rich interactive experience to generations of smartphone users who are becoming increasingly more dependent on their mobile devices for everything from finding coupons for local deals to movie tickets for local movie theaters.
Hats off to Microsoft for understanding the value of connectivity through features such as online chat and video chat through mobile devices like the popular iPhone, Android, and Blackberry smartphones. As an early adapter of computer technology, I have followed Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Skype and others as they have evolved and would have been disappointed in the multi-billion dollar software giant if they had not seen the value of a service like Skype.

While the focus is on this aggressive Skype-Microsoft transaction, another young forward thinking mobile communications company by the name of Smart Mouth Mobile is quietly building a network that promises to not just rival VOIP companies such as Skype, Viber, Oovoo and others but completely dominate the market with features never before seen on any of the currently available VOIP platforms in the world today.
Besides the obvious genius branding of Smart Mouth Mobile by not only creating a very recognizable and memorable brand name, including the use of the .me extension to create a virtual call to action with their Smart Mouth Me website, the company offers unlimited voice and text to anyone anywhere on the planet with incredible features such as video chat, video voice mail, video email and much more coming shortly. In fact, Smart Mouth Mobile has over 100 features in development that have not been seen before and are being closely guarded by the tight knit group of innovative thinkers until they are released to the general public via the exciting new Smart Mouth Mobile application.

Smart Mouth Mobile is led by a brilliant out of the box inventor with penchant for philanthropy who is devoted to making mobile technology more available and affordable to the masses while being completely unconcerned with what the "big boys" in the communications market place may think about his desire to make global communication affordable to all.
Indeed, the suit and tie wearing inhabitants of some of the biggest ivory tower boardrooms in the world are truly in for an even bigger surprise than the Microsoft purchase of Skype last week when Smart Mouth Mobile begins to reveal what they are developing to offer to the mobile community and social networks of the world.

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