Men Can Also Age Gracefully - How?

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Three steps involved in keeping your self in good condition and to look young. Do not ignore these, there is no harm in following it. Try it, it can only do good to you and at no cost involved. Just a daily lifestyle and food habits changed to some extent will help. Live happily and keep your partners happy too.

Steps involved in attaining younger looking skin:

Eat healthy - first tip

Cut down on liquor and cigarettes - step two

Maintenance required - step three.

Every one knows that one should eat healthy. But, not sure what this comprises and which nutrient is present in which variety of food product. Vitamin C, E are good for your skin. These also contain antioxidants that are good to add elasticity and improve the collagen level. Oranges, tender coconut, grapes, kiwi fruits have plenty of these antioxidants which will alleviate radicals from your body. It is also popularly consumed to reduce the aging cells. Vitamin E is found in plenty in food items such as dry nuts, seeds, olive oil etc. Replace oily chips with quick snacks such as almonds, pista etc. Aging can also be prevented by beta carotene rich food items. As the name suggests carotene is present in carrot and apricot seeds. Fish products are also good and they add glow and moisture to your face.

Do not forget to eat vegetables such as broccoli, onion and garlic. They may smell horrendous, but the secret behind elastin lies in them. So, ignore the smell!

You all know cigarettes and excessive alcohol is not good. Liquor to some extent is good for your skin. Wine and beer adds pinkish glow to your face. Advice would be to have them but limit it to few pegs. They also increase your immune system. Try and avoid cigarette to a greater extent.

Products like jojoba oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil should be used to massage your face. These are natural moisturizers and they help you add elasticity and reduces wrinkles and crows feet too.

Besides this, D- panthenol is excellent moisturizer and protects against sunburn. If you have inflamed face, you can use Witch Hazel. It is known to soothe inflamed surface. It is known for its soothing ability and its ability to reduce inflamed skin something to which men skin is prone because of shaving. It is great for many skin conditions and is an excellent astringent and antioxidant.

Grapeseed Oil: a powerful antioxidant which effectively repairs the skin around the eyes. It also helps to reduce stretch marks and is rich in essential oils which are necessary for skin health.

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