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Communication has reached its highest peak owing to diverse internet facilities. Now with the introduction of kooltel-america you are privileged to receive the best calling facilities available in the country. It consists of a Freedom Plan that allows you to make calls anywhere across North America from your very own PC.

Catch hold of this highly communicative medium by logging on to and get yourself registered. You can avail all its super benefits at the most convenient rate of $17.76 each month. With kooltel at your service, all your confusions regarding long-term agreement are eliminated. You are not required to pay your bills through credit cards and no disruption takes place on your primary telephone connection. So just gorge upon this wonderful service and enjoy calling to the fullest.

Being familiar with KoolTel America is as simple as it gets. In order to enjoy its ultra dimensional benefits, you don’t need to be a tech savvy. You just need to be equipped with a computer and a local phone number so that the calls get forwarded to your office premises, residential phone, mobile phone or any other telephone.

Here you get to experience absence of frequent call drops as well as any sort of distortions. Along with this, the software of kooltel is subscriber friendly and highly upgraded. Thus permitting you can have continuous talks with your friends and family without any disturbances. If you find yourself in any kind of confusion, its 24 hour customer service is always happy to help you out.

One of the main highlights is definitely the calling card system available only on kooltel phones. Through this innovative service, you get 500 minutes calling card for making across the nation for a month. So just sit back and make as much as calls that you want without bothering about the costs.

The call forwarding features will get you hooked to this amazing service. This comes super handy if you happen to miss any calls or messages. Thus when KoolTel America is with you, you get to receive your incoming calls on the go. There are three distinct and dynamic call forwarding features. These include:

• Whenever you are on the move, your account settings needs to be adjusted so that the calls get forwarded to your cell phones. The registration of your phone number is a must in order to receive the calls.
• If your cell phone is switched off then your calls get directed to your voice mail.
• All your voice mail are converted into WAV files and mailed them to your inbox.

The incorporation of high-tech modem cables makes kooltel all the more stronger and user friendly. These highly specialized modems are backed up with immense power supplies. Thus, in case there is a power failure you still get to enjoy interrupted service for several hours.

So acquire your KoolTel America today for the one stop solution to your entire internet phone issues. Click on to and sign up to feel the ultimate satisfaction through its attractive and useful characteristics and benefits.

Kooltel Phone presents to you a wide number of premium privileges at your discretion. Avail the ideal internet phone service provider of the nation only on KoolTel America.

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