Mat Board And Framing Your Artwork

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Mat board is a vital component to a finished framed piece of artwork. The mat board might add color to the overall look of the artwork inside the frame, and it always helps to increase air circulation inside the frame, which is vital to preventing moisture from building up inside the frame and damaging the delicate surface of the artwork. The bulk mat board also helps to keep the artwork in place inside the frame, so that it never touches the glazing material. If you want to get creative with your framing, you can purchase uncut mat board and cut it yourself to achieve certain looks.

One aspect that you will want to consider when you are selecting mat board sheets are the colors, or lack of colors, in your artwork. While paintings might benefit from colored mat board sheets, black and white fine art photography is traditionally framed in wide-width white mat board sheets. Which type of blank mat board you choose is ultimately based on your particular taste and the look you want to achieve with your artwork once it is framed.

Another consideration is the longevity of the artwork. If you choose acid-free blank mat board, it will help to protect the art from acids, which can yellow and discolor the artwork, for many years to come, and this type of conservation or museum-quality uncut mat board is the safest choice to use if you want the pieces to last.

You may embellish the uncut mat board in a variety of ways. A French-style matting effect can be achieved when you use bulk mat board and cut it to fit inside the frame. The blank mat board is layered and cut to size so that you can see different colors of mat inside the frame. The inner edges of the cut bulk mat board can also have lines drawn with colored pencil or paint, adding another lovely nuance to the finished artwork. You could also choose to cover the mat with fabric or paper. This effect can be used to have the artwork blend into the room's colors seamlessly. The cloth adds an interesting texture in contrast to the painting or picture inside the frame, and patterned paper can also add another interesting component to your finished pieces. A wide white mat can be enhanced with the addition of thin lines added near the inner opening of the mat, giving even more attention to the artwork placed inside the frame and mat.

You can find uncut mat, as well as pre-cut styles, online from fine art photography framing suppliers.

Susan Slobac is a consultant in the frame destination. Susan writes about trends in mat board & uncut mat board.

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