Make Use of a Self tanner

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When we speak of a self tanner, it no longer means going to a tanning salon. Tanning, especially sunless tanning is now a very developed art and you can do it yourself in your own home with minimum hassles. If you want a tan in a relatively short time, earlier you needed to visit a tanning salon. There they would plonk you in the middle of a UV tanner or have the tan sprayed on to you in the form of a color. This new do-it-yourself method of tanning is quite akin to the latter mode of tanning. In this, you need to buy a tanning cosmetic that you can apply yourself. In a matter of a few hours, you will get yourself the perfect bronze tan.

Now a few hours are just a fraction of the time it takes to get a tan out in the Sun. Not to mention the number of tries it takes to make it even all across your body. A self tanner can easily accomplish this rather difficult thing overnight. This makes it easier for all of us who just cannot find the time to loll about on the roof or on the beach getting a suntan.

As far as the safety of self tanners is concerned, they might even be safer than spending hours in the Sun. When you get a tan under the Sun, you are exposing yourself to the very harmful UV rays. Our body requires them to a certain limit, but beyond that they could even lead to cancer. Apart from that, as long as you buy yourself tanners from a reputed cosmetics company that uses safe and approved ingredients, there is absolutely no harm. These tanners come in a number of different types varying in the ways you can apply them.

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