Make Notepads with the Kids

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Stay-at-home moms may want to try a new activity that they can do with the kids. Always remember that nothing beats having a hands-on mom who make the most out of the time they spend with their children. During weekends or late afternoons, moms may want to bond with their children through a hobby that they can do at home. Once their kids get older, they will have fond memories to treasure and reminisce. Thus, it always pays to share precious experiences with your children while they are young. So, if you looking for a pastime, here’s a suggestion for moms out there: why not make arts and crafts with your kids! These activities would not only be a creative leisure, but these can also be a bonding activity that would make moms and children develop a tight knit as well as create childhood memories. So, if you are looking for a new pastime that involves your kids, look for do-it-yourself arts and crafts. If your children like to draw and sketch, write or doodle, they may want to make their own notepads! Children are always imaginative and resourceful, making use of materials available to them, such as paper, pencil and crayons. You will find them making sketches of their favourite things or even to express themselves on their notebooks and even your walls!

Creating notepads are a productive and fun pursuit. You can produce great-looking notepads that can be used by your kids at school or at home. You may also want to distribute notepads to your friends or family members as casual gifts. They can use these notepads to write down to-do lists, budget, expenses, and notes to self. If you are already proficient in making notepads, you can even turn this into a hobby. Creating notepads does not necessitate a lot of funds. You can even just use materials available at home. You may even want to recycled papers, and use the blank pages for the notepads. You do not have to spend on new materials, such as paper stock. However, if you want to do so, you can save costs, too. You may want to avail of discounts and promos for paper stock, especially the quality ones which can be quite expensive. Do the same when you want to make use of great-looking cardboards for both front and back covers. Aside from the paper stock and cardboard, you will need a clamp (or two big books) to hold the pages together and finally, adhesive! So, if you already have these materials, gather your kids and start working on the notepads.

Here are the guidelines in making notepads:

- Decide on the measurement for the notepads. You may want your kids to have notepads as big as their school notepads or as small as post-its.
- Once your kid has decided, cut the paper as well the cardboard accordingly. Gather the cut paper stock and sandwich it in between the front and back covers.
- Using a clamp or two big books, hold the paper stick with the covers together. Make sure that the pages are equal in size.
- Apply adhesive on one side. Let it dry before applying the second coating.
- Decorate your notepad. Your kids may want to put stickers, pictures, images or drawings or the front and back covers.

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