Make Free Calls to Bangladesh From Almost Anywhere in the World!

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A large number of Bangladeshis live and work in foreign countries. There are hundreds of thousands of people of Bangladeshi origin in the USA, UK, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, UAE, and South Korea. While many of them were born in these countries, the majority are first-generation immigrants who have decided to venture far from their motherland to find better opportunities, earn well, and send money back home.

Living away from one’s family and friends is a testing experience. If you are a Bangladeshi striving hard to succeed in foreign lands, it is vital for you to maintain contact with your family and friends back home, and thankfully there are numerous ways of doing it: you can use Yahoo or other chat facility, you can express your feelings and share information through email, or you can talk over the phone. Chatting and mailing are good mediums for talking with acquaintances, but a one-to-one on the telephone is the best way to stay connected with people close to you.

Unfortunately, the high cost of making international calls using mobile phones deters most us from talking for long on the phone. Time is literally money when you make international calls to Bangladesh: the money goes out of your pocket, and falls into the lap of the telephone company. But you have a number of other options that can let you make calls to Bangladesh for free or for minimal rates. Internet has heralded a revolution in the world of communication which can help you save money.

For sites or companies using the internet for providing telephonic communication, it doesn’t make any difference whether you are calling a person sitting next to you, or sitting on the opposite side of the world. This makes it possible for companies to use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and offer international calling services for free. You do not need to buy prepaid cards, or pay a hefty amount to your telecom company to allow you international calls are lower rates.

The simplest and best known services that offer free calling to Bangladesh through any corner of the world are Skype and similar companies like Google Talk, iChat, jajah, and others. The only hassle is these sites require you to have a computer and an internet connection, and the person you talk to also needs to have the same. And your conversation will, more likely than not, be punctuated by frequent disconnections and disturbances. But you can make calls to Bangladesh absolutely free of charge once you are registered on any these sites. Also, some mobile apps can also help you to connect to these sites through your smartphone.

For people who do not have the time, patience, or equipment for such sites, there is an excellent option in the form of companies that offer internet calling services. Such companies use the VoIP and let their users call Bangladesh from almost any part of the world at negligible rates. For example, you can call and talk for hours, but you will be charged only local rates even if you make international calls.

These services will work well for people who do not want to enter the lengthy process of getting a new connection and registering. Internet calling service companies have access codes on their sites. You can just dial these access codes and make international calls using your existing mobile phone account! The best part of these deals is that there is no registration involved, and you need do nothing more than visit their website to avail of the facility.

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