Main advantages of managed VoIP services

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With technological advancements in place, the VoIP networks have replaced the traditional phone systems. However the cost of implementing and operating the VoIP can be overwhelming. The price range can be hefty for a small size company. Also people are required to know how to operate the system including software and above all the ever evolving network infrastructure. Hence when qualified candidates are recruited for the managing the system, it becomes a time consuming and costly endeavor.

Managed voip services are a solution for all these dilemmas. Here a third party service provides would offer all the equipment, software, operations facilities and technical expertise. Thus a company can easily utilize the benefits of an IP enabled phone system without the costs, risks and headaches of an on premise VoIP.

The service package included in managed VoIP Service would be the design, integration and deployment of the telephony equipment and software. In addition the services would also maintain and manage the existing telephony solutions and the new VoIP network. Remote fault monitoring with network surveillance would be the vital thing in network management and maintenance. There would be service level agreements based on customer needs for response and resolution. Certain percentage of network uptime would be guaranteed by service management and there would be comprehensive customer reporting along with moves and changes. Small scale companies don't have to bother about the price as it may range from usage based to a fixed flat rate depending on the needs and specifications. Mostly there would be regular reports that help in monitoring the cost of operation.

There are many specific benefits of managed VoIP. Most importantly the services would be handled by experienced and well trained staff whom can be assessed round the clock. They would work according to the unique business needs of the company. There would be several market opportunities available for your business and it can be utilized if you migrate to VoIP in a rapid pace. If you are deploying a third party provider, an aggressive product development cycle would be assured and the company would surely get access to latest technology available and the equipments would be constantly updated. The managed services have great innovation properties.

The companies no more have to bear the cost of acquiring expensive equipment and software while at the same time deploying a scalable solution. This is the low up front capital expenditure feature of the managed VoIP. Also the service allows the clients to use the existing technologies along with the new system. It has often considered as a guessing game predicting the costs of VoIP services. On the other hand in managed services, there would be contracts based on monthly charges or fixed and flat rate billing. This would help the companies to plan the budgetary accommodations.

As a service level agreement is reached, the companies can be assured of performance even at peak levels during security threats and disaster recovery. Flexibility is yet another feature of the services as it easily scales down a solution for accommodating the company's growth, seasonal peaks and even unexpected economic downturns. There are also some special features like availability of mobility, communication and productivity applications.

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