Lose Weight Lose Fat - Burn Fat and Lose Weight by Eating More of These

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Lose Weight Lose Fat

An effective weight loss program combines a number of factors that work synergistically to burn fat. It obviously includes an exercise program that combines fat burning cardio work with muscle building resistance movements. It includes enough rest and time for recovery. And of course, it includes a nutritional diet that supports your end goal.

At its most basic and direct equation, you consume less calories than it takes to maintain your body and the weight comes off. For some, that direct cause and effect work. But for other it does not. Why?

I believe a part of the answer comes in the form of those calories consumed. Then again, if the cause and effect is that obvious; then what difference would the source of the calories make. Afterall, so long as the total number of calories is less than your maintenance number, you're good, right? But, no.

In fact, someone actually did an experiment he called, "the twinkie diet." He ate nothing but junk food and lost weight. Verifiable or not, it's a terrible diet and a terrible abuse of the less calories theorem. Terrible because the end goal of losing weight should be a healthy lifestyle.

To lose weight for the sake of losing weight is anexoria and dysfunctional.

On the other hand, to lose weight in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle is a great goal, and surprisingly, food is more than ready to help you.

Food, itself, can have a tremendous effect on your weight loss program for a few reasons. Lose Weight Lose Fat

Blood sugar level

In general, our hunger relates to the rise and drop in our blood sugar level. The higher the blood sugar level goes up; the lower it will fall - makes sense, right. Well, hunger correlates to that. So, have a twinkie and chances are you will be hungry again shortly. But some foods like almonds and plain yogurt have been found to keep blood sugar levels steady. That's key, because a steady level means no sudden hunger pains.

Also, a steady blood level moderates the production of insulin and that aids in controlling your fat levels.


Everyone knows that fiber keeps your regular. And regular is a good thing when your objective is to lose weight. Fiber keeps the plumbing clean and moving. But more important, high fiber foods like apple gives you a full feeling longer. And in concert with foods that keep your blood sugar level steady, high fiber food controls your desire to eat.


Certain foods will raise your core temperature. An increase in your core temperature will slowly, but steadily, burn fat as you rest. What a great concept - burn fat while you rest. What foods do that? Well, for starters, hot chili peppers will. That nice film of perspiration right at your hairline (in my case, just plain sweat) as you munch on "nuclear meltdown" wings; that would be your metabolism kicking it up a notch. Also, caffeine in coffee will also up your metabolism, but stay away from sodas and its tub of sugar (high fructose corn syrup).

So what you eat counts, perhaps as much as eating less. Because if you eat the right foods, it will help you eat less and burn more fat - that's a good thing. Lose Weight Lose Fat

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