Live Internet News – A New Revolution

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Live internet television news has been a fairly new and unknown phenomena in our country. This new concept has brought about another information revolution through the Internet medium. Internet , already has proved to be a irreplaceable part of our lives and now with the launch of this another new service called live news television it will change the information exchange systems all over the world.

First, let us differentiate between the Internet TV and IPTV. Internet Television is a television service distributed via the Internet and IPTV or Internet Protocol Television is a system where a digital television service is delivered using a Internet Protocol over a broadband connection. Internet television requires a very high speed broadband connection and so is beyond the reach of most common consumers.

Internet Live News has just started getting popular in other developed countries and moreover is being seen as another form of an additional or supporting role to television news services. Whereas IPTV has already been launched in India but its popularity levels and consumer satisfaction have still to be studied thoroughly. In India IPTV was launched by Airtel and the government service provider, BSNL.

Internet live news television has not even established itself and already the major players in the market are bracing themselves for this new miracle of the internet age. Various television news channels have already started operations and many are getting ready to hop on the band wagon. Popular names like IBN7 and Bloomberg live tv have already established their presence in this new revolution which is still at a very nascent stage.

Bloomberg Live tv has been one of the first players to enter this field and enjoys good reputation and trust in the market. IBN7 tv has just started operations over the Internet and provides the mentioned services for free. There are various other channels available as well such as Youtube, which has been hugely popular with the viewers.

Live news television provides a minute-by-minute information on current affairs, politics, business, stock market etc. There are services soon to be launched websites through which we can follow our daily soaps online and that to whenever and wherever we want to. Movies are already streamed online but live news tv would change the way information is gathered and distributed. Internet will become the one stop shop in the actual sense of the word and every mode of entertainment and source of information would now be available on the internet be it games, meeting new people, books and articles, news, movies, music etc and now live news tv.

But there are certain steps that need to be taken for India to take advantage of this phenomenon. The current Infrastructure needs to be developed and the current broadband capabilities should also be improved. Making high speed internet connections available to the common masses and and other necessary preparations are a must to make it a 'hit' affair.

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