Lip Enhancement: Denver Options

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Lip enhancement is one type of facial plastic surgery Denver patients often choose to undergo. It is one procedure that can be done by every qualified face lift surgeon. Denver patients also have a number of different options when it comes to lip enhancement.

A Short History

When it comes to today's lip injections, Denver patients have it safe and easy. It was not always thus. Back in the 1890s, there was no lip augmentation; Denver was still practically a wild frontier town, and the doctors in town were likely to be more concerned with treating injuries and illnesses that were endemic in the 19th Century.

One of the first methods for plumping lips was paraffin injections. Since paraffin is derived from petroleum, the results were not good. Silicone, used in the 1960s, wasn't much better. Collagen derived from bovines was used in the 1980s and is still available – but requires allergy tests and a great deal of time.

Denver Cosmetic Surgeons Offerings

One option is lip injections. Denver cosmetic surgeons inject some form of collagen that results in lip augmentation. As you probably know, the lips are often an early casualty of the natural aging process. It's no coincidence that indigenous peoples around the world consider the lips to be a focal point of the face and often go to great lengths to preserve this feature through different methods of lip augmentation. Denver plastic surgeons of course take a modern, scientific approach; one of these consists of lip injections. Denver cosmetic surgery clinics use compounds containing collagen, the vegetable-based Restylane, or the latest treatment, known as juvederm. The latter consists of a biochemical substance known as hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the skin and muscle tissue of all mammal species.

More Options For Lip Enhancement

Denver cosmetic surgeons can also offer an actual surgical procedure to lip injections. Denver cosmetic surgeons can perform what is known as fat transfer. This is extremely safe, because it uses the patient's own tissues. In this type of facial plastic surgery, Denver specialists take a bit of fat from a part of the patient's body where it can be spared (generally the buttocks or hips) and implant this into the lips in order to achieve lip enhancement. Denver plastic surgeons also use a method involving Autologen, which is an dermal substance that is created from the patient’s own skin. This is also very safe for the same reason; however, the results do not last long, since the body re-absorbs this material very quickly.

Be certain to ask your face lift surgeon; Denver cosmetic clinics have offer different ways in which you can achieve the desired results.

Susan Slobac is a consultant in the Denver plastic surgery industry. Susan writes about trends in lip enhancement Denver & lip injections Denver.

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