LED HDTV UN55B8000 - Amazing Clarity

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had my LED HDTV UN55B8000 TV a couple of weeks. He has more than lived up to the campaign. Hooked up and put on a Blu-ray. The type of jaw delivery has fallen, and is delivered / set hundreds of televisions.

TV is only half inch thick and weighs only 60 pounds or so.

In fact, sometimes it's almost too good. When people viewing HD you can see every little blemish, scars, wrinkles, stray hair, makeup, five o'clock shadow, makeup line, etc. I'm sitting here watching the news and I can see clearly on small pieces of gauze dress Black boy. I'm guessing the talking heads tomorrow are all going to have much better complexion.

If you want to optimize your TV that provides a lot of different controls. There are already some websites that will give what they consider good tweaks to maximize the pic. You can also look for changes B7000. It seems pretty darn great right of the box so if you are not a technician, do not worry.

Sounds .. not particularly good or bad, but I do not want the TV speakers taking up space anyway. If you plan to spend this money for a TV you should use the stereo.

Some guests complained about the number of entries. Again, as required. I run my PS3, XBOX360, IPOD, and the Dish box via my Denon, so I only use one HDMI.

You can connect to the Internet. No set-up, simply plug it in. The first thing I did was download 12 updates itself. They have no idea what they did ... but did not cause any problems. It automatically loads some of the Yahoo widgets. Fun to try, but ... something I really came back and used a lot. It also has some built in content ... recipes, artwork, etc. I have not bothered to look.

You can connect USB drives and view content directly from disk.

I recently got rid of my antenna on the roof. I bought a small internal antenna and connected to Turkish, so I can pop more signals over the air and watch TV. It will automatically search and find the channels on-air. You download a sort of TV guide from the Internet for channels it finds.

I also wanted to see if there was degradation of the signal from Dish. I noticed no degradation HD dish I had with Comcast. The way they packed the Comcast HD signals you could see a real difference between OTA and photos packed.

Samsung also provides software that enables you to use your PC as a server. You can then view your photos, music, etc. on the TV. It took a bit 'around a lot, but it was easier than some others I've tried to use.

I played two games with my PS3 and XBOX360. No problem. No pixelating. Do not bother to change the television to games. I've fooled around with the 240Hz function. I just leave it on Standard.

I'm sure there are other features that I have not tried. With the ability to upgrade Internet I have no doubt that teach even the most incredible tricks.

I set up my Harmony 880 Pro to control all my devices including iPods. IPOD menu / info to show (via my Denon) on TV.

All the above features are great, but the main thing is ... the picture is just absolutely mind-blowing amazing.

So, great TV. I am very happy with it. Obviously, I highly recommend it.

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