Learn To Stand Up in Difficulties

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Here is a picture what we can see a grass growing in stones strongly. One glance at the cartoon can leave the viewer in awe of its beauty and splendor.

One can only imagine the amount of patience that was required before any of this greatness was to be achieved. Here it is a symbol of strong man, whose character is revealed in crisis and adversity. It goes without saying that adversity is the touchstone of man—the harder the situation is, the more clearly a man's strength is seen.

This picture reminds me of my father, a most determined and persistent man. He was born in a very poor family in the country, and both of my grandparents were farmers, but he was determined to change his own fate ever since he was a little boy. He studied extremely hard, graduated from high school with distinction and went to study computer sciences in the University. He later became a professor and art expert in computer programming—he could design large-scale programs for supermarkets, hotels, parks and bookstores all by himself. Who can deny that resulted from the determination and perseverance of a most strong person?

The best way to know a strong man, I think, is to let him go through a severe test. Whenever we want to test a man's character, we should find out whether he could stand adversity, because adversity can always reveal the true character of a man. Some people would give up halfway in the face of what seems to be insurmountable. Men of such a type can hardly expect to succeed. We must take a step by step approach to accomplish everything until we get the final result.

Only if we make up our own mind can we come over any difficulties and trouble. If we do not give up the hope, nothing is impossible.

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