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3G technology is the latest technology in mobile communications. 3G stands for third generation of wireless technologies like mobile telephony, mobile communications etc. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) defined the 3G technology of mobile telephony standards as International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000) to increase the band width, transfer rates to accommodate Web based applications and phone based audio and video files. It comprises several cellular access technologies.

3G technology is intended for the true multimedia phones which are called as Smart phones. 3G networks have potential transfer speeds up to 3 Mbps. With 3G Technology we can download large multimedia files from internet and we can also send and receive large multimedia files. 3G technology phones are like mini-laptops and we can put up broad band applications like video conferencing, receiving and streaming video from the web. We can also send faxes and instantly download e-mail messages along with attachments. 3G is a cell phone network protocol.

In earlier days, Mobile phones are traditionally used for voice communication, but today it can serve as the platform for a range of communication outputs which includes data and video. 3G has enhanced countless of applications such as mobile video, secure mobile ecommerce, location based services, mobile gaming and audio on demand. Almost there are currently 100 million 3G wireless subscribers in world wide. However, to get from 2G to 3G technology, mobile operators had make evolutionary upgrades to existing networks, at the same time they planned their revolutionary new mobile broad brand networks which leads to the establishment of two distinct 3G families like 3rd generation partnership project (3GPP) and 3GPP2.

Now a day’s 3G technology turns into a latest fashion among youngsters for their requirements. It is widely useful for who always works with internet. It facilitates to download the e-messages also. The citizens of US use a range of 3G mobiles and Japan stayed in the lead in using 3G mobiles for their needs. 3G offers a great security than 2G predecessors. 3G technology is the most advanced technology than 2G. It allows the user equipment to verify the network which it is attaching, the user can be sure that the network is the intended one and not an impersonator. It has more advanced applications which are not previously available for mobile phone users are Mobile TV, Video on demand, Video conferencing, Tele-medicine and location based services.

While using 3G mobiles, we can see the images of the person with whom we are talking and this facility is only in 3G not in 2G mobiles. Video conference is available only in 3G mobiles and we can download videos on demand. ITU approved five radio interfaces for IMT-2000 as a part of the ITU-R M. There are evolutionary standards like backwards-compatible extensions to pre-existing 2G networks as well as revolutionary standards which require for all new networks and frequency allocations. 3G technology is the latest and most useful technology for the mobile users. 3G is the gateway for augmented bandwidth, multiple mobile applications and clarity of digital signals.

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