Lady Gaga Gave Me Full Artistic Freedom in Judas, Rick Gonzalez Says

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Just a day has passed since the full release of Lady Gaga’s latest music video ‘Judas’ and her critics and fans are still busy in gathering their thoughts. The video star Rick Gonzalez, who played the role of Jesus, is also going through the same feelings and in an interview with MTV News earlier today, he said that his time with Team-Gaga was surreal.

The actor recalled, "I'm sitting in my house, I get a call from my manager, [and] she says, 'Lady Gaga wants you to be in the video.' I'm like, 'Oh, cool. Lady Gaga who?' and she's like, 'Rick, the Lady Gaga.' And I'm like, 'Wow, OK.'” Gonzalez admitted that the first thing that came to his mind was how does Lady Gaga know about him?

He revealed that Gaga’s team then sent him the script and after going through it, he felt honoured to be considered for the part. In his own words, “I was really stoked."

Once it came down to the shooting part, Gonzalez said that it seemed more like a film shoot than a music video. He further said that Gaga and her co-director Laurieann Gibson had some amazing shots and their production set up was also outstanding. "It really did feel that way. We were on a bike, on a flatbed truck, and I have Gaga behind me, and we're like moving around the lot, just running around. So it was definitely grand in that scheme," Gonzalez said.

Even though he enjoyed his time with the Mother Monster on the motorbike, Gonzalez said that he was relieved to find out that he won’t have to ride the bike with Gaga behind him for the wider shots. So why didn’t he exactly wanted to man Gaga’s bike? Well, Gonzalez didn’t want to be the guy who dropped Lady Gaga from a motorbike.

The actor always held Gaga in high regards, but after working with her he is impressed with the singer’s hands-on work ethic even more. Team-Gaga was in full control of the production, except for one voluntary waiver. Gonzalez shared, "The beautiful thing about playing Jesus in the video was they really gave me the freedom to find it in my own way and they gave me a lot of confidence in that, and I was really impressed in Laurieann's direction and just giving me the space and letting me find it.”

Another thing which greatly impressed the actor was the understanding between Gaga and Gibson. He said that the two directors were on the same level all the time and it was amazing to see two people connect so much behind a project that is oozing with creativity. Gonzalez also believes that the success of this project makes him believe that the duo will combine more in the future and he is excited to see their collaborative creations.

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