KoolTel America enables you to connect with your near and dear ones more conveniently

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If we started to make a list of some of the most innovative and effectual technological innovations of the recent past, then the foremost name that comes in our mind is none other than the internet phone services. Since its very advent, it has been widely popular among the masses and one of the chief reasons behind this is it enables you to interact with your near and dear ones for a longer period of time at minimal prices.

But as a coin has got two sides, similarly this very technological facet has also got certain loopholes of its own. Recurrent call drops along with constant noise are some of the major problems, which often annoy the users to a certain extent. However, with kooltel-america, now you are no longer need to get concerned on the same as it makes the internet phone calls a more pleasing experience than before.

Being one of the leading internet phone service providers of USA, KoolTel America caters with all those unique features, which ardently makes it stand out from the crowd. Moreover, in order to attain these benefits, you even do not need pay a lump sum amount of money, as presently kooltel is offering unlimited domestic phone calls at a nominal subscription fee of only $17.76 per month.

Multiple features and services of KoolTel America:

Kooltel phone proffers with all those exclusive features, which you have been always craving for. For instance, with the monthly 500 minute calling card facility, now you can effectively interact with anyone in North America and at any point of time according to your wish. Apart from this, the subscribers are even provided with three call forwarding options, through which you can efficiently forward your calls to your office, home phone, mobile phone or any other phones with the mere usage of a regional number.

In addition, there is the enhanced feature of FindMe, followMe, which facilitates your callers to locate you on all your phone numbers even when you are not online. And in case, if your phone remains switched off, then kooltel sends those calls directly in your voice mail. Eventually, those voice mails get converted in WAV files and are being mailed right away to your email inbox.

Besides this, there is the additional benefit of caller ID service with name list, which further encourages a large number of subscribers to opt for the same. Furthermore, in order to enjoy all of these services, you even do need to disconnect your primary phone service. What you need is a computer and high-speed internet connection.

What’s more! With kooltel-america, you even do need to engage yourself in any kind of long term contracts. Even if you do not possess a credit card, there is no need to get bothered as KoolTel America hardly requires the same. Apart from this, there is an efficient customer service unit, which is always there to alleviate all of your requirements.

Henceforth, if you want to make use of the benefits of the internet phone services at the fullest, do opt for the assistance of KoolTel America at the earliest.

KoolTel America is one of the prominent internet phone service providers of USA. Presently, kooltel is offering unlimited domestic phone calls at a monthly subscription fee of only $17.76.

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