Kinect for Windows SDK ,simple analysis Microsoft's strategy

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Near the summer solstice, Microsoft has low-key release the Kinect Software Development Kit Beta (Kinect for Windows SDK beta version) download .many leisurely programmers and even casual players waited for a long time. The Kinect for Windows SDK beta is Windows-based development and use to version developed by Microsoft Research, this free application development for non-commercial beta SDK (Software Development Kit, SDK), designed to allow the growing number of developers, academic researchers and groups of enthusiasts use Kinect technology with the Windows 7 platform, to create in depth-sensing, human motion tracking and object recognition and other areas of voice and a new experience.
Kinect for Windows SDK for Windows 7, including the driver package, used to obtain a large number of raw sensor data stream API, natural user interface, the installation program files and other resources. The SDK also allows developers to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, using C + +, C # or Visual Basic and other languages to develop new applications.

Although this SDK is only a starter kit, but its many features will provide academic researchers and technology enthusiasts strong Kinect system functions, including sound, the system API, and the direct control of the sensor, to help them create a rich natural user interface . Now, lets look at the characteristics of SDK.
raw sensor data stream (Raw Sensor Streams) - Developers can get from the depth sensor, color camera sensor and quaternary microphone array of the original data stream. This information can allow them to Kinect sensor data streams generated by the underlying basis for development.
skeleton track (Skeletal Tracking) - this SDK can track moving vision of Kinect one or two players of the bone image, so build a gesture-driven applications become possible.
A tracking technology developed using SDK bone somatosensory Game Shape Game
Advanced audio capabilities - advanced audio processing features include noise suppression, echo cancellation, and used to identify the current source beamforming technology, and voice recognition to work with the Windows API to achieve integration.

Easy installation - this SDK Windows 7 by the standard method for quick installation, no complex configuration, and the size of less than a full installation 100 MB, developers will be able to complete within a few minutes to install and use .
detailed documentation - The SDK contains more than 100 pages of high-quality technical documentation. In addition to the built-in help files, the SDK documentation also contains most of the examples provided a detailed explanation.
But why Microsoft XBOX360 platform release software development kit for a separate of the somatosensory controller, what Microsoft this behavior is for? Is he not afraid of the impact of Kinect in this exclusive game on the XBOX360? In fact, Microsoft wants to be distant. Microsoft would make great efforts to engage out of Kinect naturally do not want this one only tied to the tree of the XBOX, and that the xbox 360 accessories Kinect for Windows SDK and Microsoft can help to complete the strategic plan or goal which he does.
"Kinect for Windows SDK for developers to provide a broad space to play, so that they release on the Windows platform technologies Kinect unlimited potential and we eagerly look forward to seeing the innovative developer community, Microsoft will work with them to work together to create more natural and intuitive computing experience. "
- Microsoft Research Outstanding scientist Anoop Gupta

As said Anoop Gupta, Microsoft expects the launch of Kinect for Windows SDK provide a majority of the official stage play for developers, in November last year listed Kinect in listed at the beginning because of its unlimited potential and there is love by many of its Hackers eyeing the Kinect for window or other computer systems by hackers drive quickly released, a time of Kinect crack on video and other rich video applications whimsy's Kinect crack fad on the Internet, Microsoft naturally reluctant to some see their hard work was to be used on the other hand,it also be attracted by the collective wisdom of hacking video images and the positive factors. And an official Software Development Kit under the control of Microsoft is imperative it can be said that Microsoft's Kinect for Windows SDK launch is then forced the situation, but also to reverse the situation, the backhand for the days of a coup.
Kinect for Windows SDK is another major role that Microsoft would like to see is that many players from various quarters through Microsoft's software development kit brainstorming recount the development of a variety of wonderful applications, maximum and minimum human and financial resources to maximize the promotion of Microsoft Kinect unlimited potential in the initial listing Kinect (that is, the initial crack Kinect), Kinect game depth and type of relatively poor, we see the use of crack Kinect play Super Mario Bros., and other core game play CS, the Star Wars Kinect not yet published any of his actual game content, we can see that hackers use Kinect simulated lightsaber fresh image, we see Kinect by the user and the robot and aircraft carried out an interesting application we see is as a dressing mirror Kinect The user can completely change clothes without trying on clothes to achieve the effect, Kinect in the hands of hackers is to play the most, which is Microsoft's Kinect for Windows SDK published by Microsoft, to reach a desired effect.And I believe , there will be more xbox game accessories Kinect in the game beyond or the field of education and scientific research applications come true in the future.

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