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In the 21st century, calling cards have taken a back seat leaving further behind the international mobile rates. It is high time that mobile roaming call charges should compete with the newcomers like calling cards further followed by calling cards software. You can download this software, follow the instructions and your call will be automatically connected with ease.

Today even a rickshaw wallah carries a mobile with him. What does that tell you? It is the benefit given to the common man by way of huge competition in the telecom industry! Even in such competition, calling cards win the race of reasonable call rates! Mobile companies must take a look at that!

For the last few years, calling cards have been in use for making the reasonably charged international calls. It has VoIP technology as its backdrop which makes it a big hit. It excelled among those customers who did not have access to internet. Now a day it asks for one time instalment of calling through dialler and you are all set to be free of all the complications of calling cards on a daily basis.

The main problem with the usage of Calling Cards was that it used to take a longer time and had higher call costs. With the new software, you just need to configure on dialler the Access number, the PIN number and the destination number. The moment you complete this process, you can connect the call on an automated process.

The benefits of this Calling Cards Software can be best understood by tourists and business visitors because they have a lot to travel. The excess of travel demands a smart solution to the high call costs. One always wants to stay in touch with family and friends no matter how much we travel. Call through dialler is that smart solution I am talking about.

Many known handsets support this highly advanced software. Some of them can be listed as LG, Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericson, iMate, Pantech, HTC, Palm, Asus, T- mobile, Gigabyte, Vodafone, BenQ, Siemens. Another important thing is that the software can be distributed by Web, WAP and OTA.

There are some other minute features which act as a compliment. One of them is facility of pre figured Access and Pin number which allows you to get rid of memorizing these numbers or typing them manually. Other than that, you get call log facility, calling card balance display facility and higher product satisfaction.

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