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Katy Perry first became known internationally for her controversial single, I Kissed A Girl, which topped charts. Parents were outraged and teenagers fell in love with her, as her racy song received whopping amounts of airtime. Perry has now reached incredible commercial success with her successful follow up singles and albums, showing that the star is not only shocking, but has staying power.

Katy Perry is known for always delivering top-notch performances, with her great stage presence and charisma. The singer always delivers vocally, as well as making her tours a sight to remember. If you go to the Katy Perry tour you will get the chance to see Perry in all kinds of costumes and outfits, as this is all part of the fun for the quirky singer.

Perry is unlike any other popstar today, as she not only has a genuine singing talent, but she is not afraid to be daring and in your face. The singer claims to be influenced by musical greats such as Alanis Morissette and Queen, making it no surprise that she is not afraid to say how she feels and sing her heart out.

The singer has had a relatively short mainstream career, but this is not to say that it does not have longevity. Proving herself a star with her early success, the singer has become a household name who will certainly not be forgotten quickly. Perry’s first two singles, I Kissed A Girl, and Hot n Cold have both reached platinum status three times as they managed to sell over three million copies and digital sales.

Katy Perry has already received a great deal of recognition for her great contribution to the pop music scene with Grammy nominations and awards. The singer won Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in 2009, a testament to her great talent and stage presence. With this prestigious accolade to her name, by seeing the Katy Perry tour, you know you will definitely be in safe hands. The singer has had the recognition she deserves for being an exciting and daring live performer.

Katy Perry always puts a sense of fun into her music and live performances. The singer also works to the bone, touring all over the globe and making frequent appearances and performances from London to Los Angeles and more. The singer makes her tours an event to be remembered, making them aesthetically appealing, as well as providing great musical entertainment.

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