Jewish Feasts - 7 Life-Changing Reasons For Christians To Celebrate

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The Jewish feasts are like treasure waiting to be unearthed. Celebrating them opens the door to affecting your family's life forever.They are an extension of the presence of Jesus who brings life-giving power.Here are 7 powerful reasons you should want to make them a permanent aspect of your existence.

1) Awesome displays of God's miraculous power were commonplace in the early Church UNTIL the middle of the 4th century. They began to disappear when Constantine, the Roman emperor,interfered. Heseverely discouraged the Christian believers from following the Jewish feasts,especially Passover. This came about at the Council of Nicaea in 325AD. I firmly believe there is an obvious connection between experiencing God's divine power and celebrating these feasts.

2) I think almost all Church-going believers would agree that the Lord indeed is the author of time. Taking this into consideration, does it sound odd that God would have His very own calendar? He possesses one, and He revealed this calendar to the Hebrew people. His calendar is also free to you and me. The calendar we all know, with all of its holidays, is called the Roman calendar. There are many opportunities for us to benefit from God's incredible gifts through observing His calendar. Is it time for you to make room for the Hebrew calendar?

3) To be successful in any venture, it is important to start strong. A great example of this is a house needing a strong foundation. We see it in how we make plans for any new assignment. Our Heavenly Father knew that strong beginnings would be important for us and He gave us 13 chances every year to get things on track. They are referred to as the Firstfruits Celebrations. Because of these celebrations, you can gain access to a new ability to begin strong and rise to the top.

4) Would you say that your family is able to successfully deal with the obstacles you face most of the time, or just survive? This may surprise you, but Scripture is full of
commands for us to walk in supernatural power. We are called "overcomers", "conquerors", and "dominion-takers" in Scripture. Look out because you will start to experience His life-changing power when your family does 1 simple thing.Obey the command of keeping the Sabbath holy. Isaiah 58:13-14

5) Celebrating the Jewish feasts is a fun way to bring your family together and groom them for the challenges of life. Today's society is dividing and damaging our families.The typical parent spends 10 minutes of quality time with their children each day. These feasting times are loaded with chances to create fun family experiences. Families need to work together as teams again and enjoy doing it. The family unit, not the public school system, is the springboard for your children to move off into successful lives.

6) If anyone has a reason to be grateful, it should be Christians. Can others see the celebration going on in your life? With all the destructive stuff going on around us, more family parties are needed. And what is an exciting party without memorable food? Discover some of the mouth-watering Jewish dishes that are an important part of these festivals.

7) You've heard the helpful question in Church circles - What Would Jesus Do? Maybe you even wore a WWJD bracelet at one time. Did Jesus envision any importance in the Jewish feasts? If you study the Gospel accounts closely, you can tell that he did. The more successful you are at living like Jesus, the more successful and joyful you will be in life.

Our family has many remarkable memories from observing the Jewish feasts over the years. It has been an exciting adventure for us. COME JOIN US NOW for some FREE information about celebrating the Biblical feasts HERE. See you there.

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