Is traditional television a thing of the past?

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My grandparents still remember when television was a foreign concept , the idea that stories and news so long listened to via radio waves would now be communicated in picture form seemed like something from the future.

From early beginnings television has undergone transformations and evolutions to become the mass product that it is today. People have access to more channels and choices of cable, satellite and television companies than ever before.
Is this all about to come to an end?

Companies are now allowing consumers to purchase over 9000 channels directly to their PC. These channels are available anywhere , anytime and show channels from around the world , including all the family favourites, Live Sport, TNT and Cartoon Network. Connect to this link to see just one example
Surely in times when people are watching pennies, why buy a TV and a Laptop when a single piece of hardware can do everything you need. The one saving grace for television companies is perhaps they are cheaper??

Further research puts the final nail in the coffin for old fashion television companies, these direct to PC services are often for a onetime fee followed with a lifetime membership. Who wouldn't do away with an extra bill each month?
This trend of direct to PC TV Channels has a competitive advantage in all aspects over the traditional form of television.
Perhaps in a few years our children will not even have the word television or cable company in their vocabulary. The speed of this change will depend solely on the spread of computer literacy and broadband reach and speed.

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