iPhone Guide 4 - How To Join A Wi-Fi Network And A Mobile Data Network On Your iPhone

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Now that you have the information of how the iPhone connects to the internet we will look over how to join a Wi-Fi network and Mobile Data Network using your iPhone in this simple guide into networks and the iphone.

In your iPhone setting there is an option that lets you turn on Wi-Fi and join the networks. When the setting is turned on the iphone detects networks in your range, you are then able to select the network. This network maybe your own home network or some paid networks if you are on the go, enter the password and tap 'join'. Once you have joined a Wi-Fi network manually, the iPhone connects to that network whenever it is in range. If more than one used network is in range then the iPhone joins the one you last used.

When connected to a Wi-Fi network, the Wi-Fi icon in the status bar at the top of the screen shows the connection strength. The more bars you can see, the stronger the connection you are able to utilize.

If you are using iphone 4 skins or iphone 3gs cases then remember that antenna need to be visible as the phone will not be able to receive the signal.

The iPhone can also connect to the internet through your phones mobile network, you will need to check the network coverage in your area for availability. If the iPhone is connected to the internet via a mobile network then an icon will appear, this icon will either be 3G, E or O depending on the signal you are receiving. Depending on the model of your iPhone and the mobile network that you are receiving you may not be able to receive calls while you transfer data over the mobile network, for example downloading music or an image.

To turn on 3G go to Settings > General > Network and tap Enable 3G. When you are outside of the mobiles network you can access the internet through another carrier. To enable your email, browsing and other services whenever another network is available turn on Data Roaming.

To turn Data Roaming on go to Settings > General > Network and turn Data Roaming on.

To protect your mobile phone from damage make use of iphone 4 skins or iphone 3gs cases, most of the new products have taken the antenna section into account and will not block any Wi-Fi networks or Mobile Data Networks.

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