Investing for Beginners

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Women who are up to aesthetics will panic buy for artworks that surely please their eyes. And these are women, in general. When it comes to art pieces, their instinct asks them to look for decorative. Yet, there are also wise women who buy art carrying what plays in the mind of men when an artwork is talked about. What else could this be but a highly-valued investment!

Wise buyers have dollars embedded in their brains while projecting its potential market value in the future and mind you artists, before they dare spend a dime for your artwork, for all you know you are already under background check and being stalked on. Good for you if you have already made a big name in the market when your buyer can send you fortune even without looking at your works. And as for the emerging ones, wise buyers do not just look at their work, the wise want to grow with them. This is why when it comes to being productive, the budding ones can equate the sales of the pro. There are small investors who opt for cheap yet quality artworks which are deemed to have great potential for high appraisal.

Buying for just aesthetics purposes can be wise, too. The aim of the buyer might be about investment but it does not discard the fact that an artwork becomes dearer as it ages. Artworks like wall paintings are treasures when it becomes antique. Most of the time, they are transferred from generations to generations and became a mark of the clan’s royalty. With this in mind, it is just but right to take good care of ‘say our wall paintings at home as any crack or loose thread or almost unnoticeable smear can affect its market value. Make sure to keep the signature and date of the artwork intact. This can be seen at the bottom front or at the back of the wall painting. The market value will be assessed by its age primarily and the date it was created will not make the age of the artwork unquestionable but they are also a huge determining factor when assessed of originality. Signature can also be faked in replica artworks but the expert on appraising the art value can spot the difference right away. Speaking of appraisal, call a professional appraiser for help which evaluation will still not suffice without getting a second up to third opinion, if possible. To add more, threads that appear not to be evenly sewn and smooth may entail of the art piece originality, as well. This is far, however, from loose threads that may mean damage to the art piece.

All the relevant papers pertaining to the artwork should be well-kept. It is a proof of the owner’s authenticity, as well. These are more than just receipts of purchase but these validates where the artworks originate. There are billions of artists along with their art pieces globally. A buyer of your highly-valued investment may want something in particular when it comes to its place of origin. The art piece rarity in a particular area is a big determinant of its appraisal, too, not to mention timing! A person who is interested to buy an art piece may put higher value on painting that looks like to blend with the current trend while some will pay more for one that will stand out from the trend.

Of whether an artwork is purchased for investment or for decorative purposes only, they mean money spent out of the pocket and much more money to stuff the wallet later on.

The author runs an art curatorial firm specializing in art events. He assists emerging asian artists to put up their artwork and paintings for sale on an online platform dedicated to asian art wall paintings.

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