Internet TV Which One Would You Choose To Dump?

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Although for years Youtube has been the biggest video website in the world, indeed it is the third most visited website globally. And it receives almost 12 times as many visitors as Hulu, yet advertisers are willing to pay more to advertise an Hulu and it makes more money from advertising revenue than Youtube. So why is this?

Advertisers prefer Hulu
Hulu does not come close to Youtube in the number of videos served or viewers watching. But there is one area in which Hulu is currently blowing Youtube away, and that is in the content shown. Hulu consistes of professionally made NBC and Fox shows and movies from major Hollywood studios. The fact that its all nice and legal makes it more appealing to advertisers. Youtube by comparison are still tagged with the 'silly videos' reputation, and watching a guy stick a toothbrush up his nose does not appeal to advertisers.
Theres another way that Hulu is "cocking a snook' at Youtube, and that is when it posts clips, not full episodes but small trailers on Youtube. The clips of course all promote Hulu and its full episodes of shows and movies. This free advertising generates traffic to Hulu who in turn sell advertising.

The other big thing thats in Hulu's favor is the international market. Youtube already streams worldwide, so it cannot really expand. And of course Youtube is still to make any money. As for Hulu, it still has a problem in turning a profit and biggest element restricting the growth of the Hulu viewer numbers is its limitation to the US market, although delayed there is still a UK launch planned for September 2010.
Both websites are still expected to generate around $180 million next year. The difference is that Hulu earns this much with a much smaller audience. So while there is hope for Hulu, will Google ever turn a profit with YouTube?
Just imagine if you had to make a choice.. Internet or Television, which one would you go without? According to new research by Arbitron/Edison most of you would give up the tv set rather than lose access to the world wide web.

What were 48% of you thinking?
The survey comprised of 1,753 respondents aged 12 plus, who were presented with a ‘false choice' of either never again watching television or never again accessing the Internet. 49% said they would forgoe tv. This compared to a very close figure of 48% who would rather kick the internet into touch.

"When we first asked this question in 2001, the spread was 72% for eliminating Internet and 26% for eliminating television," Edison Research President Larry Rosin said. "The shift over these nine years has been steady and profound."
The finding is part of the 18th in Arbitron/Edison's series of joint studies on the Internet and new media. The full study is released on April 8th.
Quite why anyone would choose to keep tv is beyond me. These guys obviously havent heard of internet tv. Think of all the services and activities you lose without the internet compared to just not watching tv shows on your tv. Get some catch up tv going and chat on Facebook whilst shopping on Ebay. What could be better?

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