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Recent technology using the TV co axial cable for voice transmission has opened up a niche in the communication field. VOIP technology offered by broadband providers have made it possible to save money for your business or home calling needs. The competition in the communication field has been greatly increased with the advent of voip technology offered by the broadband providers. This situation works in the buyers favor as companies, in the face of competitive pressures, are forced to reduce prices and/or provide superior features than their competitors. Consumers looking for a broadband phone provider should go online and read reviews of the top providers, as well as compare prices and features.

Probably the biggest name in broadband providers is Vonage.Many consumers mistakenly believe that Vonage is the only broadband provider. Vonage provides standard services and less expensive monthly costs that most of the large landline and some of the other niche providers. Vonage friendly service, promotional rates and ease of installation is a good choice for customers who want to test the technology before committing. Vonage and other similar services are easy to install even if you are not a computer wizard.

Knowledgeable computer users can connect to more basic services without all the features at a savings by using Skype, Viatalk or Magicjack. PC to PC calls directly over the internet are offered by broadband providers Skype and Google Talk at a reduced cost. This is commonly done using a headset or computer microphone and speakers, but it is also possible to purchase an adapter that allows users to use their existing cordless and corded phones. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is not a company but a communications protocol which allows communicate from PC to PC at no cost to the users. You must be computer literate to connect the SIP devices, but the recognition and zero monthly cost are enough incentive for some users. When searching for a broadband phone provider, it is important to your budget and required features before talking with a high speed broadband provider about your telephony setup. Reviews of the various broadband providers on the internet will help you to consider the ones that fit your needs.


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